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Tigger Update – August 3rd.

Yesterday morning Dr. Kevin removed Tigger’s stint. I was able to bring him home about 1:30, after some time passed for Dr. Kevin to make sure everything was going well.

Still groggy from anesthesia, Tigger spent the afternoon on my bed, taking it easy.

Dr. Kevin says that the problem Tigger has that continues to cause him to “block” and be unable to pass urine (a fatal condition if not promptly treated) is something he has never seen before.

Tigger began blocking about a year ago. After numerous trips to get him unblocked, surgery was performed that removed his penis and thus gave him a wider outlet for urine. (Most blockages seem to occur in the narrow penis of kitties.) This surgery is routine for blocking male cats and usually solves the problem.

Not so with Tigger. Now the wall of his urethra is constricting, recreating the very problem the original surgery was supposed to correct.

The next (and probably last) option we have is more surgery to pull down more of his urethra and cut away the damaged portion before reconnecting. This will make him more or less totally incontinent.

And, based of what we’ve seen so far, it may not work.

Dr. Kevin is conferring with other veterinary surgeons to see what their opinions are on our highly unusual cat.  Tigger may be making medical history and helping some other kitty in the future.

My husband and I only want him to get well enough to once again become our great big cuddly baby. A more loving kitty has never existed. Being in pain and sick has caused him to become withdrawn and shy. . . much as it does a human.

This morning, my cuddle-bug was back. I was loved on for a long period of time by my Tigger cat. He feels better and wanted me to know it.

I just hope and pray he continues to be OK, and I pray none of you ever have to deal with a urinary blockage problem in one of your babies.

~ The Kitties Mommy


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