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More Throw-Away Kittens

Every spring some human or another decides this neighborhood looks like a good place to drop out their unwanted kittens. Four years ago it was Sugar and Spice. Last year it was Creamy and his two siblings. Creamy is still alive, I don’t think his litter mates were so lucky. They were older kittens and too wild and scared to be tamed. Creamy is full grown now and comes by to eat a couple of times a day. A feral that didn’t have to be.

Now there are more. This years throw-away kittens. They are 2 silver tabbies. Cute little things. They were tossed about a month ago, and found their way here. They were terrified and distrustful, but very hungry.


They still run when they see me, but will stop when I call them and come for their food. I’ve not been able to touch them yet. One is male and we assume the smaller a female. Thus they have been named Jack and Jill.

Jack is much less fearful than Jill. Isn’t he a handsome lad?


I want to get these two tame enough to at least get them spayed and neutered. Wish me luck on that. I need it. Meanwhile, Jack is getting tamer. Here he is happily rolling on Kitty Daddy’s wheelchair ramp while sister Jill decides whether its safe enough to get a bite of food with me standing at the door. We’ll keep you posted.


~ Kitty Mama 


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Angelic Little Angel


Angel is growing like a weed. She went to see Dr. Kevin for a check-up and her last kitten vaccination Friday. Dr. Kevin and the staff were amazed and happy at how much she has grown. When she came to live with us at Shady Hollow, she weighed a little over one pound. Friday she weighed in at an impressive 4 1/2 pounds.

That was no surprise for Mommy: Angel loves her cat food. . . it doesn’t matter if its “her” kitten chow, wet food, or our adult kibble. She eats it all and then begs for food from the table. (None of us do that. We have manners.)


Our kibble is a little big for Angel’s mouth. She sure is funny trying to eat it:


Angel spends most of her days tormenting us making us play with her. She pounces on us, grabs our tails, and makes us run through the house. Mommy just laughs and says we need the exercise. Maybe so, but we didn’t plan on doing this much running. I mean…its habit forming… all this play.

Here is Angel in one of her angelic poses. She’s turned into a camera hog, too.


Purrs…… Amber

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Sugar and Spice: One Year Old

Sugar and Spice are a year old now. When I found them, abandoned by a roadside last June they were about 5 weeks old, scared, dehydrated, and starving. We almost lost them due to an infection a week afterwards. After recovering from that, they have done nothing but thrive.

Here they are, a day or so after I found them, so little.

Cannon 209

They are big girls now. . .


Spicy is chubby while Sugar is long and slim. One of their favorite activities is chasing bugs on the windows at night.




Spicy came closest to “catching” the pesky bug. She had him right at her paw tips…

These are sweet little girls. I still would like to give the creep who just set them out and drove away a piece of my mind. I’m glad I found them before it was too late. At the same time, my heart aches for the throw-away cats and kittens that aren’t found and slowly die from thirst, starvation or disease.

June is Adopt-a-Cat Month. If you can, adopt a cat and save a life. Kittens are plentiful this time of year, but if the challenge of a kitten is not your cup of tea, consider adopting an adult or senior cat.


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Sugar and Spice: Oh So Nice!

It’s been a little over 3 months since Sugar and Spice were found abandoned along the road near the Cathouse. Within a week, both were seriously ill with a mystery disease that caused high fever and joint pain. Dr. Kevin saved the day (again) and we soon had them well and back to normal.

Surprisingly, we had no problems with the older cats. They accepted the kittens without any problems other than a few hisses here and there at the very beginning.

Dr. Kevin estimated their age at throw-away to be 4 or 5 weeks, which makes them about 4 months old now.

Nikon 019

Spice already knows how to “turn her back” when displeased. She does not like the flashy box.

They soon will make another trip to Dr. Kevin’s for spaying. (Shhhh, don’t tell them.)

Nikon 003

Sleeping is a fine art when you are 4 months old. Just ask Spice.

Spice is very active (when not sleeping) and curious about everything we humans undertake to do. She finds herself in the bedroom a lot due to her intense desire to learn how to cook.


Sugar loves pillows. She has that sleeping thing down pretty good, too.

Sugar is less pushy, but still wants to know what’s going on. She is more shy and reserved than Spice.

Nikon 020

Do you detect a bit of the oriental in those eyes?

These babies have brought excitement and joy to the Cathouse. The older cats are playing with them and getting much needed exercise. They had become 100% couch potatoes until the kittens arrived. We humans find ourselves totally entertained by the antics that only kittens can do.

To whomever left them to die,…a pox on you.

To the Angel that led me to them,… many thanks.

To other rescuers who spend so much of their own time, money and effort saving abandoned kitties and puppies,… God Bless You.

~~ The Kitties Mommy

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Where Is Spice?


I have looked everywhere and I can’t find Spice. Mommy says she is at Dr. Kevin’s. I don’t know where that is, so I keep looking.

Spice hurt her leg while Mommy was at work last night. After that she wouldn’t play and she wouldn’t eat. She growled at me this morning when I tried to get her to play and Mommy put me in the bedroom. Later, when Mommy let me out, Spice was nowhere to be found!

So I am looking for her. She is my sissy and I love her. I want her to come play. Every so often I will sit and cry because I can’t find her.

Mommy says she will be home soon. She is waiting for Dr. Kevin to call.

I don’t care about who calls Mommy on the phone thingy; I just want my sissy and will keep looking until I find her.

Purrs, Sugar

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Rescued Kittens Update

My legs are shredded. I look like I’ve had a serious run-in with either a barbed-wire fence or a briar patch.

You see, Spice climbs my legs each and every time I go into the kitchen. She is very curious and wants to know what I’m doing. Her sister, Sugar, is content to be around my feet. No climbing from her. I am so glad.

After several days filled with hisses from the other cats, things have settled down. Mikey even plays with the kittens at times. Tennyson spent some time showing them the proper way to attack a ball, and Precious came to their defense when Jay Dog growled at them.

MC even showed an interest in playing with them yesterday. That’s a real breakthrough for her. She is so fearful of all the other cats.

Whoever abandoned them out two weeks ago had spent time handling them. They are well adjusted to being with people. We had visitors over the weekend and the kittens showed no fear of strangers and were more than willing to go to them and get petted.

The past two nights they have slept with me. Snuggling right up against me  and purring at the slightest movement. I hope they continue to purr this loud as they mature. The other Shady Hollow Cats purr, but at a low pitch. They are hard to hear. I have so missed the super-loud rumbling purr Pretty Girl blessed us with. Maybe these babies will purr like she did. A definite plus if they do.

They are growing like weeds. Sugar is a bit bigger than Spice. Sugar is a little more laid back while Spice is into everything. I believe the months of their growing to cat adulthood will be interesting and more important, fun.

~~ The Kitties Mommy

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