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Mommy’s Thoughts… 9/8/2011

Life can get interesting when you have 12 pets and a husband.

Of the 11 cats, 4 are senior kitties with health problems to match their age. The lone dog in the mix, also a senior, has developed his own health problems.

The husband, with his own health issues and also a senior, is remarkably patient and understanding of me and the pets. He loves us all.

The 7 younger cats, ranging in age from 5 to 1 year are going through dominance issues with some resulting bad behavior. It can range from screaming at each other to inappropriate urination. The pee-cat has been checked: no bladder infection, just a feline with passive-aggressive tendencies.

The sick kitties…. who you have learned about if you read the blog regularly, are Lisa (intestinal lymphoma), Tigger (chronic collapsing urethra and permanent catheter), Mama Cat (high blood pressure and mammary tumor), Tennyson (weight loss and inflamed gums), and Jay-Dog (low thyroid). All of the above are on daily medications.

Hubby and I also have daily medications. Lucky for me, he in in charge of his. I take mine and administer the pet-meds each day. Believe me, the calendar is full of names and check marks. I have my phone set to remind me to take mine.

To update on the last and upcoming vet visits: Tennyson went for a follow up yesterday and was given a 3 day round of antibiotics. He goes for a check up next week. It will be a two-cat trip, as Mama Cat is going for a check of the tumor, which I think has started to grow and spread down the line.

The prognoses for Mama Cat isn’t good. Her age (14), heart issues and high blood pressure make surgery a scary proposition.

Tennyson’s appetite had improved by late yesterday (I haven’t fed them this morning) and made me feel hopeful that we can get him up to par soon. I hope so. He is a precious kitty.

Speaking of feeding the kitties: they are gathered round me with demanding looks, so I better go open those cans.

~ Kitty Mommy


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Here We Go Again: 7/14/2011

By Amber

Mama Cat made a big improvement once she started taking her high blood pressure medicine. We are all happy to see her feeling better. She even plays now! She was always too stressed and bad tempered to play before and seldom let anyone but Mommy pet her. Now she even lets Mommy rub her tummy.

It was in a recently allowed tummy rub that Mommy found a lump in one of Mama Cat’s mammary glands. A closer look revealed the nipple of that gland red and angry looking. An even closer inspection and Mommy discovered another lump in a second mammary gland.


Mommy made an appointment for Mama Cat to see Dr. Kevin in the morning. She is afraid this will be a very bad thing for Mama Cat. We are too.

We hope that Dr. Kevin can pull one more miracle out of his doctor bag for us. 

Mama needs it.

Purrs ~ Amber

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Kitty Health Update

By The Kitties Mommy

I think things have calmed down a little after two weeks of trips to the vet and follow-ups to see how the afflicted kitties were progressing. Here’s an update.

TENNYSON: After having the 7 teeth pulled and the rest cleaned, Tennyson is back to being himself. Withdrawn while suffering the tooth pain and infection, he is now back to being outgoing and in as much mischief as before.


TGGER: The struggle with UTI is over for now. Since he has an indwelling catheter he is more prone to UTI’s, so we keep a close eye on our big boy. His heart murmur is still a class 3 according to sound, but Dr. Kevin reminds me that we don’t know what is taking place inside his heart. If it is taking the same path as Amy’s he is on borrowed time. This only makes him more precious to us and we cherish each day with him.


LISA: All her blood work indicates lymphoma and x-rays show a thickening of the intestinal wall. She takes prednisone every other day to reduce inflammation.   Dr. Kevin says she is doing very well and should hold her own unless or until an actual tumor forms. She was diagnosed last October and has amazed us all with her determination. Lisa is the oldest Shady Hollow cat, at 15.


MAMA CAT: Getting her blood pressure under control has made a big difference in Mama Cat’s life. She has lost most of the aggression that earned her the nick name “Hell Cat”. Her litter box problems are over, the hissing and growling have stopped, and she has actually been spotted playing.


My research into feline hypertension indicates that it is a growing problem as our pets live longer. Most of the time it is associated with other conditions, others it stands alone. Mama is in excellent health for a 14 year old cat, except for the hypertension. As their checkups come around I plan to have Dr. Kevin check all the older cats for high blood pressure. I recommend you do the same.

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Feeling Better

By Lisa


You all know I’ve got cancer and have been feeling bad. Since I’ve been taking my medicine I got from Dr. Kevin, I’ve started feeling better.

I don’t like taking the pill, but I only have to take one a day. Mommy gives me kitty treats after I take it, so I am getting so I don’t put up a fight anymore.

Today, Mommy decided to leave the door to the Timid Cat Room open so we could come out if we wanted.


I enjoyed getting out and checking out the cottage. I used our old scratching post. (It’s behind me in the picture above.)


Then I checked out the feeding area and the plants Mommy brought in for the winter. (Sugar and Spice have all but destroyed them.)


Then I went to the kitchen.


After that I just wandered around and enjoyed seeing everything. I visited with Daddy and Jay Jay and had a busy day.


Of course, Mommy followed me around taking pictures. I didn’t mind though, I was too busy having a great day.

Thank you all for your prayers. I appreciate them and I know Mommy does too.

Purrs ~ Lisa

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Boo!!! A Cathouse Halloween Update

By: Amber

First of all, Happy Halloween to everyone. We kitties don’t really like all the strange creatures that come around the cottage on Halloween. Mommy told us not to worry, we were safe as long as she and Daddy were on the job. She always goes to the door and tells them they are cute, and then bribes them to go away with a handful of “treats”. Hmmm, not OUR treats I hope!


Amber, pondering whose treats Mommy is giving away.

It has been a bad month here. We have gotten use to Amy being gone. Well, almost. Mikey still looks for her. Sometimes he calls and looks trying to find her. He doesn’t do it as often now.


Mikey is still sad and looking for Amy…

Tigger is still having trouble with his recurring UTI. He is glued to the litter box today, so will go see Dr. Kevin tomorrow. Poor Tigger. Don’t tell him I put this picture up.


Tigger is really tired of having a chronic UTI.

Lisa is hanging in there. Mommy thinks she has gained a little weight. She spends a lot of her time sleeping. Mommy gave her this really cool robe to cuddle up in and keeps food nearby for her. Tigger and I want a robe like that to sleep on too!


Lisa snuggled up and taking a serious nap on Halloween.

Oops, here comes Tigger…..

TIGGER: Amber!!!! You didn’t put that picture of me in this post!?

AMBER: Well, yes, it illustrates the point.

TIGGER: Illustrates the point? Amber, that’s embarrassing! How could you???

AMBER: Well, Tig, I, uh, I thought it was funny and I…


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Lisa Is Home

By Tigger

Our Mommy brought Lisa home from Dr. Kevin’s Friday. Lisa is very thin, but sure seems to feel better. Amber and I are amazed at how much she is moving around the “Timid Cat Room”. We also noticed that she is eating ALL of her food. She is leaving very little for us to sneak and eat for her; AND she is growling at us when we try to steal it.


Tigger decided to leave Lisa alone

Lisa has to take a pill every day. Ugh! She has never had to take pills before and does not like it! She fights it and Mommy has to catch her and make her take them. Lisa growls at Mommy and puts up a fuss, but she ends up taking the pill. Mommy can be real determined when it comes to making us take our medicine.

Sometimes Mommy lets us out of the Timid Cat Room. Amy bullied we timid/weaker kitties and we felt safer in our room away from her. Now we are getting to explore and visit the other kitties. So far our visits have been pleasant. I even asked to come out yesterday and wandered around the cottage before getting in Mommy’s lap for awhile. Amber asks to come out too. Mommy keeps the door closed now so that Sugar and Spice won’t drive Lisa nuts, not because we are afraid.

I think I am going to see Dr. Kevin tomorrow. Mommy believes my chronic bladder infection is flaring up. I think so too, but I really don’t want to go see Dr. Kevin. He’s nice enough, but sometimes he makes me stay and I don’t want to. I would rather be home! Sometimes I hiss at him to make sure he knows how I feel about being in the hospital. As big as I am, my hisses don’t seem to scare Dr. Kevin. Oh well. I guess he knows I’m just a big cuddly love bug kitty.

Purrs ~ Tigger

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Comments From The Pet Hospital

By Lisa

I’m at Dr. Kevin’s getting treatment for cancer. I had felt bad for awhile, but tried to hide it from Mommy and Daddy. I didn’t want them to worry. When Amy suddenly got sick and died, the stress made me unable to hide it any longer. Mommy saw how sick I was and took me to Dr. Kevin. He gave me fluids and took blood. The tests showed positive markers for cancer.

He thinks I have intestinal lymphoma. He told Mommy that I might live up to a year, but I might not. I’m an old cat, you see, and age can make things difficult. I am 14 1/2 and that’s getting pretty old for a kitty.

I am being a good girl and taking the shots and will take the pills Mommy will give me when I come home. I love Mommy more than anything and want to make her happy.


Lisa, October 2nd. She loves to sit in box lids.

Just between us though, I won’t mind crossing the Rainbow Bridge. My brother and sisters are all over there waiting for me. My mom-cat is too and my dad-cat. I also have many kitties I have lived with here at the cottage waiting on me.

I saw my sister Lucy’s spirit when she came for Amy. She told me she would come get me soon. I have missed Lucy and will be glad to be with her again. She was my best friend and I’ve been lonely since she crossed the Bridge.

I don’t know if I will write any more posts. I wrote many of them when Mommy started this blog for us. I was the oldest and wisest, you see. Then I started feeling bad and Mommy said Amy could write the blog. Now Amy is gone and I don’t feel like it. I suppose one of the younger cats will write it, or they can share. We all share a lot here at the cottage. We get along good like that.

I know many of you are praying for me, Mommy told me so. I want to thank you. I appreciate it and I know Mommy does too. Thank you for the prayers, candles and everything. I love you all.

Purrs ~ Lisa


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