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On a Lighter Note

So many of our posts have been about illness and bad news lately we thought we’d post a video of us playing with the “red dot”. Enjoy.

Purrs ~ Amber and the gang.


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Love Birds

Thomas T. and Precious are our resident love birds. They sleep together, snuggle together, wash each other: all the things kitties in love do.

Precious and Thomas


We caught this loving moment the other day and thought we’d share.

~ Kitty Mommy

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Just For Fun: Happy Caturday

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Thirsty Kitty

Mama Cat here. I’ve been sick with the cold that’s been going around the Cathouse. Thomas T. and I have been sickest. We will do OK for a day and feel bad the next day. Yesterday I asked Mommie to turn on the water in the sink for me. I like fresh running water best of all. I told her she could make a little movie of me drinking.

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Mama Cat: Still Searching for Catnip (video)

Mama still thinks there is catnip on the fridge. This is a short version of her never-ending search.

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Exercise Wheel and Bengal Cats

By Amy

I WANT one of these exercise wheels! But Mommy said no. These cats are as active as me! We could have such fun.

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