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Blue Cat

Blue Cat showed up last spring shortly after Miss Lisa crossed the bridge. He was looking for a home we guess and figured this was it.

2013-10-07 21.26.17

Blue doesn’t stay inside much. He’s a real outdoorsman. Blue hunts and brings “gifts” of birdies and mousies to Mommy. Last week he brought her a chipmunk!

Mommy feeds the chipmunks and begged Blue not to kill any more of them. Of course he told her he wouldn’t, but being a brave hunter’, he probably will.

Blue loves being petted and loves to sit in our Daddy’s lap.

We are a tiny bit jealous of him for that. We consider Daddy our private property.

2013-10-07 21.25.54

Purrs ~ Amber


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Happy Fathers Day, Daddy

We have the world’s greatest daddy… For one thing he is allergic to cats, but never, ever, turns away a kitty in need. Mommy just keeps him supplied with plenty of tissues. That takes a real man, I’m telling you, a REAL MAN.

When Mommy arrived here with only one cat (yes I know; it is hard to believe) she promised Daddy she would keep the feline population to one. Everyone in Mommy’s human family snickered at that one. They knew Mommy all too well.

Now, 21 years later….. there are 11 of us kitties and Daddy’s best friend, Jay-Jay the doggie (who thinks he’s a cat). We are happy and well taken care of and most of all…loved. We all agree we have the best Daddy in the world.

Daddy helps keep our food dishes and water bowls filled. He makes us toys and plays with us. He gives the very best petties ever and always knows the best place to scratch. We love his gentle touch!!!

He lets Thomas T. and Tennyson out when they want to go out in the garden for their own purposes (catching mice, mostly). And he lets them back in (sans mice) when they are ready. (They fuss because he doesn’t let them bring the goodies they catch in to us. . . but that’s a minor thing.) He makes the rest of us stay in, cause we aren’t allowed outside. He does a good job of watching out for us while Mommy is at work, and tells her what we are up to when she calls.

It was Daddy who called for help when Amy had the heart attack and cried with Mommy and us when Amy didn’t make it and went to the Bridge.

Thank you Daddy for loving us, caring for us, and putting up with our silliness. We love you GREAT, BIG BUNCHES…… Purrs … Amber and the Gang


Daddy doesn’t mind when we sleep on his head… in the recliner or the regular bed… We take advantage of that. Precious especially likes to sleep on Daddy’s head when he’s in the recliner.


Daddy and Jay-Jay are together all the time. Jay-Jay likes to go for rides with Daddy.  Jay-Jay likes to give Daddy lickies, too.


This is Daddy and Spicy last year, the day Mommy found her and Sugar. Daddy named them and said he wanted them to live with us.


This is Daddy and Mikey, Tennyson, and Thomas T. (and Mommy’s "clutter)

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Sugar and Spice: One Year Old

Sugar and Spice are a year old now. When I found them, abandoned by a roadside last June they were about 5 weeks old, scared, dehydrated, and starving. We almost lost them due to an infection a week afterwards. After recovering from that, they have done nothing but thrive.

Here they are, a day or so after I found them, so little.

Cannon 209

They are big girls now. . .


Spicy is chubby while Sugar is long and slim. One of their favorite activities is chasing bugs on the windows at night.




Spicy came closest to “catching” the pesky bug. She had him right at her paw tips…

These are sweet little girls. I still would like to give the creep who just set them out and drove away a piece of my mind. I’m glad I found them before it was too late. At the same time, my heart aches for the throw-away cats and kittens that aren’t found and slowly die from thirst, starvation or disease.

June is Adopt-a-Cat Month. If you can, adopt a cat and save a life. Kittens are plentiful this time of year, but if the challenge of a kitten is not your cup of tea, consider adopting an adult or senior cat.


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Two-Cats Tuesday: Ten and Tom


Left: Tennyson. Right: Thomas T.

Tennyson (Ten) and Thomas T. are both approximately 11 years old. Both were throw-away cats, dropped out and left in the neighborhood about 10 years apart. Thomas was in fairly good health when he took up residence at Shady Hollow. Tennyson was almost dead from pneumonia, a URI, and starvation. You can see his sad condition here. We first called him Ten, as he had used up his nine lives, and was working on his tenth.

One day I told him Ten could be short for Tennyson. His ears pricked forward in recognition. I wondered it that had actually been his name! He answers to both names now. This is his 10th month at Shady Hollow.


Tennyson and Thomas in the last bit of a sun puddle

Both boys are loving and are great lap-cats. Thomas is a bit more head-strong. He is pushy and wants all the attention, all of the time. Tennyson just goes with the flow; he has a laid back personality and perfect manners.

Having almost starved, Tennyson keeps a close eye on the kitchen. He sits quietly and waits. Being a well trained Mommy, I usually sneak him a bite of kitty suitable food.

Bright Blessings ~ The Kitties Mommy

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ManCat Monday–Thomas T.


Nine years ago I was dropped out in the neighborhood by my first owners. I was about 1 or 2 years old. I wandered the neighborhood for several weeks. I started hanging around Miss Judy’s a lot because she was always home. She fed me, so I didn’t get run down and sick.

Miss Judy had 10 cats she had taken in. She was like our Mommy and couldn’t tell a kitty “no” when it needed a home.

Miss Judy’s husband, David, had told her that 10 cats were enough! She couldn’t have any more. So when I was hanging around she told him that I belonged to Mommy.


One day our Daddy was walking Jay Jay (he was just a puppy) and stopped to talk to Miss Judy. I was winding around their legs, meowing and being cute. Miss Judy told Daddy that I was a stray, but that she had told David I was one of Mommy’s cats. She said David had put his foot down: no more cats!.

When they were done talking about stuff, my Daddy turned to leave and said to me, “come on Tom, lets go home”. So, like a good tomcat, I walked beside him all the way to the cottage. When Mommy got home I was on the porch. Daddy told her she had another cat, and that I answered to “Tom”.

I was young and the other Shady Hollow Cats at the time were lots older than me. I liked to run and play and tease the older cats. That’s where the “T” in my name comes from. It stands for“Trouble”.


I still try to boss the other cats, but they don’t take me seriously.

My favorite thing to do is sit and stare at Daddy. It drives him nuts trying to figure out what I want. I just want him to know how much I love him. I think he knows that.

My other favorite thing is to be in Mommy’s lap. I’m in it now, even though she says it makes it hard to take dictation and type when I’m in the way.

Thanks for taking time to read about me on Mancat Monday. I think I’ll go and stare at Daddy awhile. He looks bored.

Purrs ~ Thomas T. Tomcat


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Happy Gotcha Day, Mama Cat


Four years ago I received a call from my sister-in-law saying that her friend wanted to go see her mother for Thanksgiving and needed someone to cat-sit her cat until Monday. If she couldn’t find a sitter she was just going to take the cat to the animal shelter (a kill shelter).

I asked a few questions and learned the cat was ten years old and not friendly with other cats. Hmmm. I didn’t want to do it, but decided to set up the kennel and keep her. I knew a ten year old cat would not be adopted and would end up another sad statistic if left at the shelter.


They arrived with the cat, a pure white beauty named “Mama”. I was told she had never been spayed due to a heart murmur. I asked if she had had kittens (due to her name) and was told no. She had always been an inside cat, said her owner.

The owner had brought a litter box, food and water dishes, and a big container of cat food. I thought that was nice, to not make me provide all the necessities while Mama was visiting. She even brought some cat litter.

When time came to take Mama from the carrier, she attacked her owner. The woman promptly slapped her and grabbed her roughly by the scruff of the neck. Pulling Mama from the carrier, she gave Mama a good shake and another hard slap in the face before tossing her into the kennel.

My sister-in-law and her friend left soon after Mama was in the kennel.

I never saw the woman again. Monday came and went with no word. I called my sister-in-law and questioned when her friend was going to return for her cat. Finally the woman called and told me she had moved across country and if I didn’t want Mama I could take her to the animal shelter.


By then Mama had been here several weeks. I let her out of the kennel and learned quickly she had issues. Sudden movements, especially toward her face would elicit an immediate defense attack. She was fearful of everyone and every animal. The poor kitty was a nervous wreck.

It took over a year before I could safely pet her. To this day, four years later, I am the only one who can handle her without serious injury. Even now, there are times she reverts back into fear and paranoia and I have to be careful.

She roams the downstairs, lurking around the woodshop and craft room, climbing on shelves and watching chipmunks from the windows. She has made friends with Maggie Mae. Maggie loves the downstairs rooms too, and spends much of each day with Mama.

This Thanksgiving weekend marks the fourth year Mama has been at Shady Hollow. She is our “problem child” and our sweet baby all in one. Mama will live out her life here. She has her forever home.

Happy Gotcha Day, Mama. Finally, when all is said and done, you are loved.

~ The Kitties Mommy


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Thankful at the Cathouse

By Amber

We kitties want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Mommy says it’s a day set aside to thank God for all the things He has blessed us with. That made us all stop to think. Sometimes we forget how our lives were before we came to Shady Hollow to live in the cottage with Mommy and Daddy.

Lisa would probably have been took to the animal shelter if Mommy hadn’t said she would take both Lisa and Lucy all those years ago. Their family couldn’t keep all of them and nobody wanted kittens. Nobody but Mommy.

Thomas T was set out to fend for himself. Miss Judy and Mommy knew he was a “drop-out”. Judy’s husband had said she couldn’t have anymore cats. She already had taken in ten strays. When she told Daddy that, he told Thomas to come on home to Shady Hollow.

Mama Cat belonged to an abusive person who just didn’t want her anymore. She asked our Mommy to cat-sit and never came back. Mommy has taken care of Mama Cat ever since. That was four years ago. Mama is glad to be here.

Precious was abandoned behind where our Mommy works. She has a crippled foot and couldn’t make it on her own. Mommy saw her and fed her for months before she trusted Mommy enough to come to Shady Hollow. She was pregnant when she finally came to Mommy. Our Mommy could have had her spayed then and not given us a chance, but she didn’t spay Precious till we were born and weaned.  We kittens wouldn’t have had a chance if Mommy had not brought our Mama Precious home and let us live.

Tigger, Mikey, Maggie Mae and me – Amber – are very thankful to be alive and to have been born at Shady Hollow. Our sister, Amy, crossed the Rainbow Bridge last month, but she ruled the roost and lived a good life until her heart just gave out. She was glad to live here, too.

Tennyson was abandoned about this time last year and lived on what he could catch and scraps people threw out for months. He had been a house cat and life was rough for him. He was sick and starving when he got up the nerve to come ask Mommy and Daddy for help. After medicine and lots of love he got better and is very thankful to be a house cat again.

Sugar and Spicy were only four or five weeks old last summer when someone set them out. They hid under a bush until Spicy got up the nerve to find help. She saw Mommy walking Jay Jay and made her move, running down the hot road meowing her heart out. Mommy found her and then looked to see if there were more abandoned kitties. She found Sugar and brought her home too.

We kitties have a lot to be thankful for. Mommy and Daddy say they do too, and that being able to take care of us kitties is just one of many things they thank God for each day.

We wish each and every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season in the days to come.

Purrs ~ Amber and The Shady Hollow Cats

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