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Blue Cat

Blue Cat showed up last spring shortly after Miss Lisa crossed the bridge. He was looking for a home we guess and figured this was it.

2013-10-07 21.26.17

Blue doesn’t stay inside much. He’s a real outdoorsman. Blue hunts and brings “gifts” of birdies and mousies to Mommy. Last week he brought her a chipmunk!

Mommy feeds the chipmunks and begged Blue not to kill any more of them. Of course he told her he wouldn’t, but being a brave hunter’, he probably will.

Blue loves being petted and loves to sit in our Daddy’s lap.

We are a tiny bit jealous of him for that. We consider Daddy our private property.

2013-10-07 21.25.54

Purrs ~ Amber


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Uh Oh

We haven’t posted since right after Christmas! Its Mommy’s fault. All this work, work, work stuff is making her slack on helping us with our literary endeavors. Oh the shame. Mommy,  think about OUR careers sometime.

We have had our computer time, sort of. We have been on our FaceBook page, hanging out with our friends and keeping up the the goings on in Kitty Land. The FB page was to be an extra bit of fun, not our only fun.

So, what have we been up to? Well….

Most of the time just the usual catty stuff. You know, chasing each other through the house, knocking things off tables and shelves. We’ve deposited a few very nice hairballs in some very creative locations. Just the usual stuff a houseful of kitties do.

Lately Mama Cat and I (Amber) have decided to make medicine time more interesting by hiding from Mommy. I am an under the bed type kitty. Mama hides up high on the counter tops or in the jungle made by all those house plants Mommy keeps. (She has as many houseplants as there are kitties.)

Jay Jay dog is losing more furs due to the Cushing’s Disease. He wears sweaters and little shirts Mommy made him all the time. They keep him warm and he seems to feel better wearing them. Mommy dragged out her knitting needles and started knitting them for him. She hadn’t knitted in years. We like the knitting. All that pretty yarn is so tempting. We think it should be designated as cat toy material, but Mommy says no.


This sweater is one Mommy’s friend, Linda, gave Jay Jay.

Me, Amber, playing in my box. 

I love playing in boxes when I’m not on FaceBook.

Purrs ~ Amber

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We Survived Christmas!

We made it through the holidays!!!! Oh Purr!!!!

Our normal life here at the cottage is pretty routine. Mommy gets up, feeds us, then gives us our meds, cleans our litter boxes, feeds us, gives us petties, feeds us… you get the idea. Every day is pretty much the same.

Until the holidays.

First came the Christmas tree. Not so bad. It has all sorts of pretty things to paw and bat around. We kitties rather enjoy the Christmas tree. Oh sure, Mommy yells and scats us away from it when she sees us playing. She can’t watch all the time, however, so we got plenty of playtime in before the big day.


When it got close to Christmas, Mommy started going here and there to all the stores. She came in with many bags of stuff. . . human stuff. We looked. It was all for big humans and small humans. No gifts for us.

We aren’t self-centered or anything like that, but were starting to worry that we might not get anything. Then Mommy got us a stocking to hang. One (1) stocking, mind you. There are ten cats here. Hello!!


Soon our one stocking was hung. Mommy got really busy cleaning  the cottage and wrapping presents. She had gotten stockings for her great-granddaughters, too. (They each got their own stocking.) These were soon filled to the brim with goodies for her “baby girls”. Our stocking remained empty.

It calmed down some, and by Christmas morning we thought the regular routine was going to resume. Wrong. Mommy fed us and gave us our meds, like normal.

Then people started showing up, including the “baby girls” who are ages three and seven. We headed for the basement, the bedroom (under the beds), closets; any hiding place we could find was soon full of kitties.

Soon the smell of good food cooking drifted through our hiding places, making us very hungry. We sent Mikey up to scope things out. Both little girls tried to catch him and hug him. They chased Mikey through the cottage.

Mikey ran back to the hiding places and told us it was still not safe to come out.

We waited.

We waiting until we were sure  everyone had gone except Mommy and Daddy. We waited until the only sound was them talking about the day. Then we started to un-hide ourselves.

When we came out, OUR stocking was full of kitty toys and CATNIP!!! Unbelievable!

Mommy fed us and petted us and gave us catnip. We rolled in the catnip and batted our new mousies high in the air.We played chase, running around the cottage at full tilt. 

We played until we were exhausted.


It  was  a good Christmas after all!


~ Amber

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Keeping an Eye on Things


Mikey here. I’ve been keeping an eye on things this week. My brother, Tigger, had to go to the vet last Friday along with Thomas T. and Smudge.

Mommy wrote about Smudge’s visit in the last post. She didn’t mention Thomas.

Thomas has always been healthy and had never seen Dr. Kevin.  First the scale: Thomas weighed in at 13 pounds. Not bad. He’s all muscle. During the exam everything checked out great except his heart. We learned Thomas has a Class 4 murmur. The highest of any of us. Or I should say, the most severe.

It seems we Shady Hollow Cats are plagued with heart murmurs. It has Dr. Kevin and Mommy bewildered. We expected it in my litter mates (I’m the only one out of five siblings that does NOT have a murmur). An enlarged heart and its failure was what sent my sister Amy to the Bridge last year.


Mikey and Tigger


My brother Tigger went on this visit to get his bottom shaved and so Dr. Kevin could check his catheter. He has had the indwelling catheter for almost a year and has only had one bladder infection. It was due to damp fur and bacteria; so now he gets a trim about every 6 weeks.

It is real humiliating for him. He has lots of pride and he is terribly shy. Having a vet tech shaving his behind makes him very unhappy. Well, until he and Mommy start home. He doesn’t even meow on the way home.

Tigger got weighed while at Dr. Kevin’s. He weighed 17 pounds. He and I are big boys. I weighed 16 pounds at my last visit. We are both very loving and demand attention. Mommy calls us her “snuggle bugs”.

I’ll keep and eye on things and if Amber gets too busy on Face Book to write a post, I’ll take care of it. I have to look out for my sister, you know.

Purrs, Mikey

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Tennyson Update

Hi, Tennyson here. I just wanted to thank all our friends for the get-well wishes  and purrayers while I was dealing with my dental work and teeth pulling. My mouth doesn’t hurt anymore. I can’t eat kibble, but Mommy feeds me plenty of canned food. I’m starting to gain weight and its harder to feel my ribs.


I’m behaving like  my normal self now. Climbing onto high shelves, getting in cool cardboard boxes that Mommy lets us play with, and keeping an eye on the cottage activities in general. I stick my tongue out a lot, cause there are no teeth to hold it in. At least that’s what Dr. Kevin said about why I do it.


I take real good care of the kitchen…. we had just ate in this picture.


I like to hang around so I can talk Mommy into giving me extra bites. She can’t resist my “I love you Mommy …. but I’m starving” look.

I’ve got to go… I haven”t checked out the top of the big bookshelf today. Thanks again to each and every one who was worried about me.

Purrs, Tennyson

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EEK….. Small Humans!!!

We all abandoned the window ledges, beds, couches and chairs yesterday and found a safe hiding place downstairs in the basement.  We spent most of the day down there, finding napping spots and places we could force ourselves into, just in case someone came downstairs. You never can tell with small humans, they run wild worse than a bunch of 3 month old kittens. They make more noise than kittens too, or puppies!

Our big humans, Mommy and Daddy, don’t make a lot of noise. They don’t run hither and thither stomping their feet. They don’t squeal and chase us trying to make us let them pet us (fat chance).  They are nice and comfortable to be around. Not so small humans…great-grandchildren, Mommy calls them.  They are all of the above and we are just too dignified and reserved to deal with it. So, it was hide in the basement time for us.

Except Tennyson. He didn’t seem to mind. He sat on a shelf upstairs and watched them. He did sit very still on the shelf.

It was a couple of hours after they left before we started drifting back upstairs. We looked everywhere, making sure they weren’t hiding from us, ready to spring out on us unexpectedly. But, they had gone home. Whew!

It’s peaceful in the cottage now. We did have a scare earlier though…. Mommy played back videos she took yesterday on the computer. We could hear the joyful shouts and screams of the small humans playing outside in the water and were afraid they had returned. Luckily, it was a false alarm.

Mommy needs to warn us before she does that again.

Purrs, Amber

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Its MY Turn Already!!!


Mikey here. I’ve been biding my time, waiting for Mommy to let me write a post. I’m pretty good about waiting my turn.

I was starting to get worried though. So many of my kitty housemates have been sick that Mommy and Amber only write about them. I don’t think that’s fair. I have a few things to talk about too.

A few weeks ago I went to see Dr. Kevin. Maggie Mae and I went at the same time. We cried and fussed all the way. I was the loudest, because I didn’t want to go! It was  just a check-up, Mommy said. We knew it was to find out if we had the dreaded heart murmur that runs in our family.

Turns out that Maggie Mae does have one, but only a Class 1, Dr. Kevin said. Nothing to worry about yet.

I don’t have one…. not even a tiny one!!! Everyone was surprised because I am a big cat, 16 pounds and no fat. I’m a muscular man-cat.

When we got home (I cried all the way home, too) I proceeded to take a nap. See me under my blanket?


I really, really like to sleep under a blanket. I will get under it myself or have Mommy hold it while I get underneath. I have her trained pretty good.


I like to sit in windows between naps…..


I’m so purrfectly happy to have a chance to write a post! Thank you, Mommy!

Purrs, Mikey the Wonder Cat

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