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Starving No More: Smudge

I’m the latest stray kitty to find my way to Shady Hollow. I’d been wandering the neighborhood for a while. Mommy said she heard me meowing over a week before she saw me, but there are lots of cats in this neighborhood, and she didn’t realize I was abandoned, scared and starving until last Friday.


I was trying to slip around the cottage to see if I could find kitty left-overs from another kitty’s dinner when she saw me. I ran and hid under a big thick bush. Mommy called me and I meowed and came to peep out at her. She left and came back with a paper plate of food! Oh, how good it was!!


I felt much better after the food. I stayed under the bush and waited. Sure enough, after a few hours she brought me more food. By Sunday I felt much better. I was letting Mommy pet me and coming when she called…. well almost. I would come to the edge of the bush and peek out at her, then come to the food when she placed it one the ground near my bush.


I started trusting Mommy and would follow her when she walked away.


Last night it started to rain a little. Mommy fed me this morning and I was wet. She had left the garden shed open for me, but I wouldn’t go in.

Mommy says I’m too thin and in too delicate a condition to be out in the rain. She put a litter box, food and water in a bathroom in her basement and  brought me in. I was a little scared at first. Mommy kept petting me and telling me what a good kitty I am. It dawned on me that I was in a house, warm and dry and being petted. I gave Mommy a head bonk and began to purr and purr.

I want her to stay with me all the time and call for her to come back when she leaves me. But I know she will come back. . . with food, treats, and petties.

I think I’m going to be OK.

Purrs ~ Smudge

Mommy here: I have been calling her Smudge because of the marking on her nose; which I first thought was a smudge of dirt. Her age is uncertain, but I guess between 4 and 5 at least. We’ll see what Dr. Kevin thinks when she goes to be vetted.

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Happy Gotcha Day Tennyson

A year ago today, Tennyson finally got up the nerve to come to us. He had been around the cottage for months, eating what he could catch or scraps thrown out by myself or neighbors. He was almost starved and he was sick with an URI and pneumonia.

DSCN0269 (2)

Tennyson, the day he showed up, enjoying a bite of canned cat food.

Dr. Kevin sent him antibiotics which added to a warm room of his own, good food and lots of love, enabled him to survive.


Tennyson hanging out with Thomas

In the year since he arrived, Tennyson has been a joy. His quiet dignity is such a contrast to the adventurous nature of the young cats and the irritability of the more senior members of the household. He is gentle and laid back and always ready for a hug and snuggle.

We don’t know if he was lost or abandoned, but are very glad to have him with us now.   He is definitely a blessing.

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Sugar and Spice: Oh So Nice!

It’s been a little over 3 months since Sugar and Spice were found abandoned along the road near the Cathouse. Within a week, both were seriously ill with a mystery disease that caused high fever and joint pain. Dr. Kevin saved the day (again) and we soon had them well and back to normal.

Surprisingly, we had no problems with the older cats. They accepted the kittens without any problems other than a few hisses here and there at the very beginning.

Dr. Kevin estimated their age at throw-away to be 4 or 5 weeks, which makes them about 4 months old now.

Nikon 019

Spice already knows how to “turn her back” when displeased. She does not like the flashy box.

They soon will make another trip to Dr. Kevin’s for spaying. (Shhhh, don’t tell them.)

Nikon 003

Sleeping is a fine art when you are 4 months old. Just ask Spice.

Spice is very active (when not sleeping) and curious about everything we humans undertake to do. She finds herself in the bedroom a lot due to her intense desire to learn how to cook.


Sugar loves pillows. She has that sleeping thing down pretty good, too.

Sugar is less pushy, but still wants to know what’s going on. She is more shy and reserved than Spice.

Nikon 020

Do you detect a bit of the oriental in those eyes?

These babies have brought excitement and joy to the Cathouse. The older cats are playing with them and getting much needed exercise. They had become 100% couch potatoes until the kittens arrived. We humans find ourselves totally entertained by the antics that only kittens can do.

To whomever left them to die,…a pox on you.

To the Angel that led me to them,… many thanks.

To other rescuers who spend so much of their own time, money and effort saving abandoned kitties and puppies,… God Bless You.

~~ The Kitties Mommy

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