R.I. P. Miss Lisa


Miss Lisa died last Saturday night at almost midnight. Her kidneys failed. Dr. Kevin said she was not in pain. Just very old and fading away. So I waited and loved her as I watched her fade.

It became a challenge to get her to eat. The other cats thought that was ok, as they got her left-overs and grew even fatter and she grew thinner.

Anyway, Miss Lisa has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. The 17 years she spent with us were a blessing. She loved us completely and we loved her to the bottom of our hearts.

As Miss Amber said on Facebook. “We have a sad.”

~ Kitty Mommy



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Birthdays and Goopy Stuff

By Amber

Yesterday was our doggie brother, Jay-Jay’s, birthday. He is now 13 human years old. That makes him the third oldest of our gang…Lisa at 16 1/2 and Thomas T. at 14 are the oldest.

Mommy went shopping and brought back fried chicken. (Jay-Jay’s favorite food is chicken.) She gave him all he wanted. (We didn’t know he could hold that much chicken!)

Jay had a very happy birthday. He ate chicken, played with his toys and slept in the recliner next to Daddy. He was a happy doggie.


Miss Lisa has learned that she has to eat goopy stuff twice a day.

She is not a happy kitty.

The goopy stuff is a vitamin supplement. Miss Lisa does not like it so Mommy puts it in a kitty feeding syringe and gives it to her the hard way. Once Mommy starts giving it to her she eats it just fine.  I think she is keeping up the “I don’t like it” act way past being reasonable.


Yesterday Mommy opened a new package of Kitty Spring toys. Angel loves them and will swat, chase, and carry them all over the cottage. By this morning Angel had lost nearly all of them.

Angel’s toys usually end up under the range in the kitchen. Mommy is going to have to get down there and fish them out before we have a shortage. After all, the rest of us like to play with spring toys too.

Purrs ~ Amber

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Pushy Tom Cat

Mommy has spent time lately knitting. She has a new great-grand baby and has been working on stuff for him. We think its boring, cause she won’t let us play with the yarn. (I mean, really, why have these big balls of string and not let us play with them? It doesn’t make sense.)

Thomas T. Tomcat had had enough of her ignoring him and insisted she put her yarn away and give him some petting. Now that we know how its done we are assured of getting our petting too.

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What to Do On A Icy Day

We know what to do – pile up on mommy’s bed. To make it even better she has the good soft cover on it!


Lisa really liked snuggling up in the covers.


Look how much little Angel has grown!


My brother’s, Mikey (gray) and Tigger (ginger) enjoyed a sleepy day on the bed, too.


As for me, Amber, I had my very own pillow and kept an eye on the rest of the gang.


Purrs ~ Amber

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I’m Sugar. This is Mommy’s favorite picture of me.

I’m sort of shy and easily scared, so when people come by the cottage to visit, they never see me. I hide under a bed till they leave.

Mommy hasn’t had time to let us write much lately; and when she does Amber usually hogs up the cat-puter and won’t let us have a turn. Well today Mommy turned it on and Amber is asleep. Meow-ha-ha.

Daddy had surgery in December, so Mommy has been busy with taking care of him. I can report that he is now back to normal and doing fine.

The place Mommy calls “work” has been busy too, so she has been leaving us and going there a lot. Even on Caturday! We don’t like that too much, cause Caturday is our cuddle-day with Mommy. But she says the green papers they give her for showing up buy our kitty food and treats, so we endure it. Daddy keeps us company while she’s gone. He even gives us treats.

Miss Lisa is not feeling well lately. Dr. Kevin says her kidneys are starting to fail. She is almost 17 years old! That seems very old to me.

Oops….. here comes Mommy and she wants the cat-puter to do some work. See you next time.

Purrs ~ Sugar

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Spicy Loves Daddy


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January 20, 2013 · 7:38 pm

Snakes, Mice and Elections–Oh My!

By Amber

Boy are we glad this Election Day thingy is over. We were getting tired and fed up with commercials that made Mommy and Daddy say the bad words and yell at the t.v.  Last night they sat up late and watched the t.v.peoples tell who was winning and losing and all that stuff. We tried to nap through it. Fat chance.

It’s over now for awhile. Mommy says 2 years for one election and 4 for the big one like last nights. I/we hope that is a long time.


Me, Amber, begging sweetly for cat-puter time.

There’s been bunches of things going on around the cottage while our human parents were wasting time on the election thingy.

For instance, we were invaded by outside critters and Spicy and Sugar had to catch and kill them. Three mice and a tiny little snake managed to get into our basement. Sugar killed the snake and brought it to Daddy. Spicy killed the mice (after having a good play-time with them first). Spicy gave the mice to Daddy for a treat. He tossed them outside just like he did the snake. Human’s!


Spicy in the toy basket watching for mice.


Sugar, tired from snake hunting.

Miss Lisa got a feline UTI and was a very sick kitty. It took two weeks of 2 kinds of antibiotics to make her feel better. She is a sweet old lady-cat, and tiny, she only weighed 4 1/2 pounds when she went to see Dr. Kevin.


Miss Lisa with her assortment of food; she’s picky.

We kitties have been busy and have got lots to say…. if Mommy will stay off OUR cat-puter.

Purrs ~ Amber and the gang

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