In Memory Of…

In memory of the beautiful babies above who lived at Shady Hollow  for all, or most, of their lives.

Pretty Girl came to Shady Hollow with me in 1990, and remained Queen of the House until her passing in 2005. Her Spirit still roams the cottage and on quite nights her movements can still be heard.

Squeakie arrived not long after and gave us 9 wonderful years of entertainment.

Blackie Bo arrived with Squeakie and moved next door when Sophie came to live with us. He hated dogs with a passion. He recently crossed the veil at 18 years old.

Lucy was Lisa’s sister and arived as a 9 week old kitten in 1996. She crossed the veil last year at age 12 1/2. We miss her still. She was always in trouble and we are not pleased to say she taught all her tricks to Amy before she passed.

Ellie Mae and Sammie arrived together as throw-aways. They were older cats on arrival but lived out their lives with us. Sammie was the original “bathroom cat” whom I think has reincarnated in Amber. Ellie Mae never got over her original Mommy abandoning her. We still say she mourned herself to death.

Sophie. An entire book could be written about Sophie. Jim rescued her from the animal shelter. She was a full-blooded English Springer Spaniel, and the smartest dog that ever walked on this planet. No dog we ever knew held as much love for everyone and living thing as did Sophie. We lost her in 2007 at the unheard of age (for a Springer) of 16 1/2 years. She was deaf, blind, had been struck by a car, had several strokes, and was a trooper through it all. Her body gave out, but her bright and determined spirit was there until we told her to please go wait for us on the other side. We, the vet, and all his assistants cried tears of sorrow when she finally had to cross the veil.

Miss Amy

Sadly, and with a broken heart, I have to add Amy to this list. She died on October 11, 2010 after falling ill with heart disease. It was sudden and unexpected. She was a big cat, nearly 14 pounds, and had never been sick. She just collapsed and even though our vet, Dr. Kevin, did his best; her heart just couldn’t go on. This type of disease can run in families, so we are cherishing her sisters and brothers even more now. We won’t know untill they show signs of heart failure and there is nothing that can be done if they do. We miss you, Miss Amy. Rest In Peace.


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  1. omg.. i am so in tears…. i miss them all…

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