About The Shady Hollow Cats

This is a blog by the Shady Hollow Cats. It is a place to give the cats themselves a voice, with a little keyboard and translation help from me, their Mommy. I have spoken fluent “cat” since I was a small child and feel competent to handle the job.

The cats you will hear from here range in age from 14 down to 3 months and of course their varying ages give them different viewpoints and memories to share.

Oh, and you may have noticed, Jay Jay is a dog. . .but he was raised by the cats and has his own outlook on the things that happen here. At this writing, Jay Jay is 10 years old.

All the cats at Shady Hollow have been spayed or neutered. Please help control the numbers of unwanted pets who rely on people like us to take them in. Shady Hollow is currently home to 6 throw-away pets and the off-spring of one, who was pregnant when she arrived. She was spayed as soon as possible after her kittens were born and we kept the kittens. Not all abandoned pets are as lucky.


One response to “About The Shady Hollow Cats

  1. We nominated you for an award – see our blog post for details – http://chaseandginny.wordpress.com/2013/11/05/another-award/

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