More Throw-Away Kittens

Every spring some human or another decides this neighborhood looks like a good place to drop out their unwanted kittens. Four years ago it was Sugar and Spice. Last year it was Creamy and his two siblings. Creamy is still alive, I don’t think his litter mates were so lucky. They were older kittens and too wild and scared to be tamed. Creamy is full grown now and comes by to eat a couple of times a day. A feral that didn’t have to be.

Now there are more. This years throw-away kittens. They are 2 silver tabbies. Cute little things. They were tossed about a month ago, and found their way here. They were terrified and distrustful, but very hungry.


They still run when they see me, but will stop when I call them and come for their food. I’ve not been able to touch them yet. One is male and we assume the smaller a female. Thus they have been named Jack and Jill.

Jack is much less fearful than Jill. Isn’t he a handsome lad?


I want to get these two tame enough to at least get them spayed and neutered. Wish me luck on that. I need it. Meanwhile, Jack is getting tamer. Here he is happily rolling on Kitty Daddy’s wheelchair ramp while sister Jill decides whether its safe enough to get a bite of food with me standing at the door. We’ll keep you posted.


~ Kitty Mama 

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