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Double Vet Trip

Thomas T. Tomcat had to have a tooth pulled Friday. Mommy took him up to Dr. Kevin’s early. Thomas didn’t mind going. His tooth hurt and was infected again. (Two weeks ago he has to get antibiotics for it. His poor kitty jaw had swollen up.)


Mommy had a good laugh at Tigger. When he saw her get the carrier out for Thomas, panic set in and he ran for the hills… ugh, basement. Mommy didn’t see him again until midafternoon. About the time Tigger did come out of hiding, Mommy was getting out another carrier. Angel was going with Mommy to get a checkup and shots when she went to pickup Thomas. Poor brother Tigger raced off again.

Miss Angel had to wait to see Dr. Kevin because an emergency came in. A poor little dog came in, he was in really bad shape. His mommy thought he had been hit by a car. It turned out he had been attacked by a much bigger dog.

Angel was scared and tried to hide in the back of the carrier. She didn’t want to come out to be weighed and examined. Mommy got her out and she was a well-behaved little lady during her checkup. She is a big girl now: 10 pounds of kitty cat. Her heart is ok. That had worried Mommy cause kitties with her birth defect often develop heart problems. Dr. Kevin was very pleased with her. He gave her two vaccinations and she didn’t flinch or make a sound. (Angel is a brave kitty.)



Thomas is doing really good with his mouth. He has stitches that have to be removed next week. He is eating and sleeping and when awake being his normal self. Angel is doing well too. Mommy thinks she felt bad this morning, but that’s normal after vaccinations.

Tigger finally came out of hiding after he figured out he wasn’t the vet-bound kitty. The rest of us teased him for being scared for nothing.

Purrs and kitty kisses to all ~ Miss Amber


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Boy Oh Boy

We have been absent from our blog and absent from our Face Book page and absent from everywhere online. We are the bad kitties for sure.

Its Mommy’s fault. She goes to this place called “work” every day and leaves us here with Daddy. That’s OK, Daddy takes good care of us. However, he doesn’t speak cat the way Mommy does and doesn’t like catputers either, so we are left here without a bilingual person who can run the catputer and it has been a cat-tastrophy as far as keeping up with our friends is concerned. Growl.

To top all that off, Mommy has “rediscovered’ knitting. Well! The woman is absolutely obsessed. Every chance she gets she has these little sticks and string! String that she pulls off a ball that rolls on the couch and looks so tempting to a bunch of kitties! How can she be so cruel? And she refuses to let us play with it. Especially since Precious ate some little bites of the stuff and then hacked it up everywhere. Mommy almost had a cow!

Oh sure, she has made our doggy brother Jay-Jay some cute sweaters and Daddy some socks, and her great-grand children some sweaters. That’s great , but we haven’t even gotten a soft fluffy blanket out of her. (She better think twice about putting those cute animal sweaters on us.)

And our catputer time? Well, talk to the woman with a powered down catputer and sticks and string. She is inhibiting our creativity while satisfying her own. How dare she treat us this way?

There’s a cat uprising brewing around here. That’s a fact.

Purrs, Miss Amber

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