I’m Sugar. This is Mommy’s favorite picture of me.

I’m sort of shy and easily scared, so when people come by the cottage to visit, they never see me. I hide under a bed till they leave.

Mommy hasn’t had time to let us write much lately; and when she does Amber usually hogs up the cat-puter and won’t let us have a turn. Well today Mommy turned it on and Amber is asleep. Meow-ha-ha.

Daddy had surgery in December, so Mommy has been busy with taking care of him. I can report that he is now back to normal and doing fine.

The place Mommy calls “work” has been busy too, so she has been leaving us and going there a lot. Even on Caturday! We don’t like that too much, cause Caturday is our cuddle-day with Mommy. But she says the green papers they give her for showing up buy our kitty food and treats, so we endure it. Daddy keeps us company while she’s gone. He even gives us treats.

Miss Lisa is not feeling well lately. Dr. Kevin says her kidneys are starting to fail. She is almost 17 years old! That seems very old to me.

Oops….. here comes Mommy and she wants the cat-puter to do some work. See you next time.

Purrs ~ Sugar

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  1. Purring for your daddy, and for sweet Miss Lisa!

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