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Hussy’s and Old Man-Cats

It was a crazy week here. It started out normal enough for a house with 10 cats. (You can’t understand that kind of normal unless you have a minimum of 6 cats – just saying.)

Then, Tuesday morning I noticed the kitten, Angel, behaving strangely. Almost as if she were in heat.

At 3 1/2 months old!? Nooooo, I thought at first. I’m imagining things. After a few more minutes of watching her pull herself across the carpet toward Mikey, purring and chirping; I decided she was either in heat or auditioning for a part in a cat porno film.

I called Dr. Kevin.

Angel already had a spay appointment scheduled in early September. Dr. Kevin said to bring her in and he would go ahead and do the spay that day. I’m sure he believed me to be paranoid. Ha! An old cat-lady like me?

Sure enough, when he called later that day he said she had indeed been in heat. The little hussy! Since the spay was done late in the day, she stayed overnight. I picked her up the next day, still a little loopy, but fine.

Thomas T. Tomcat, on the other hand, is having troubles of his own.


A year ago we learned Thomas had a class 3-4 heart murmur. It wasn’t bothering him at the time. Lately he started coughing a lot. Dr. Kevin put him on heart medication, which he takes once a day. It is helping, but he seems to lack energy (maybe because he is 13-14 years old) or maybe something more.

I see a vet-trip for Thomas in the near future. (Sigh)

The other 8 kitties are OK for now. (I am almost afraid to say so…it seems like every time I do another one develops a problem.)

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Angelic Little Angel


Angel is growing like a weed. She went to see Dr. Kevin for a check-up and her last kitten vaccination Friday. Dr. Kevin and the staff were amazed and happy at how much she has grown. When she came to live with us at Shady Hollow, she weighed a little over one pound. Friday she weighed in at an impressive 4 1/2 pounds.

That was no surprise for Mommy: Angel loves her cat food. . . it doesn’t matter if its “her” kitten chow, wet food, or our adult kibble. She eats it all and then begs for food from the table. (None of us do that. We have manners.)


Our kibble is a little big for Angel’s mouth. She sure is funny trying to eat it:


Angel spends most of her days tormenting us making us play with her. She pounces on us, grabs our tails, and makes us run through the house. Mommy just laughs and says we need the exercise. Maybe so, but we didn’t plan on doing this much running. I mean…its habit forming… all this play.

Here is Angel in one of her angelic poses. She’s turned into a camera hog, too.


Purrs…… Amber

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