Welcome Home Angel


Look what Mommy brought home from Dr. Kevin’s!!!

Her name is Angel and she is about 9 weeks old now.


Mommy didn’t start out to get another kitten/cat. She went to get our medicine refilled. The nice ladies at Dr. Kevin’s told her about the litter of kittens that had been left by their dumpster.

There was only one left, they said…. Did Mommy want to see it, they said.

Mommy saw and petted the kitten and it crawled all over her, purring the “take me home, please” purr.  Its lonely, the ladies said.

Well…… You know the rest. The kitten, Angel, came home with Mommy. (She called Daddy first and he said OK way to fast for our satisfaction).


Angel has a funny paw. Three toes are fused together, a condition called Syndactyly. It makes her paw look like a mitten.  Dr. Kevin says two kittens in the litter had the condition.

Mommy has watched Angel run and play and climb the bedspread to get on the bed, so the condition isn’t bothering her. She can do everything any 9 week old kitten can do. (Like drive us nuts! Just saying….)

Angel has really bonded with Mommy. I’m almost jealous…. Sugar IS jealous. Sugar had grown to think of Mommy has her private property. Well, now she knows Mommy belongs to us all… no matter how long we’ve lived here.

Angel’s getting along good with Mikey and Miss Lisa. She’s still nervous about the rest of us.


Purrs to all

~ Amber


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