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The Kitchen is Done!

by Amber

We were sad that Mommy was so upset by the kitchen floor be squishy. It had little humps in it and smelled funny, too. We noticed the smell especially because, well, we are closer to the floor.

For 9 whole days we had our day interrupted because Mommy’s son, Chris, came up here with a friend of his and beat and banged and tore stuff out and made all kinds of noise with hammers and saws. It was terrible. We stayed hid as best we could from the minute Chris drove down the driveway until he left at night.

Then we came out and checked out what had been accomplished. Most of the time it was still a mess.

Our entire daily routine was blown to kitty hell! We were not happy felines. Hiss!!!

At long last it was over and we could explore the finished product of our human brother’s hard work. It is cat-tabulous!


Tigger was glad Mommy put a chair so he could check out the counter.


Nothing wrong here….


This is nice…


Can I reach the ceiling fan from here?


Maggie Mae and Spicy also had to give their approval.


Me, Amber, checking it out as well. (I don’t get on the counters…. I have manners)


The table meets with Spicy’s approval. It also makes a good spot to watch birdies on the deck when Mommy feeds them crumbs.

Purrs ~ Amber


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R.I.P. Mama Cat

Mama Cat crossed the Bridge Sunday evening. It was a peaceful crossing. We think her poor tired little heart just gave up the struggle and stopped.


Mama had lived with us since Thanksgiving of 2006. We took her in and did all we could to let her know she was loved and safe. Our reward was to see her gradually become a sweet angel of a cat. She was full of purrs, head bonks and kitty kisses.

By the time her 14th birthday rolled around last October, Mama had developed a multitude of health issues. She had high blood pressure, a heart mummer, and mammary cancer. Later she developed hyperthyroidism.


One of her favorite things was to get a drink from the faucet. She would sit on the sink and stare at us until one of us went over and made her a drip.


She was self appointed guardian of the canned food stash. It was her favorite.


Another favorite was her red basket. This is one of my favorite pictures of Mama Cat. It was taken last year just before Christmas.

Mama Cat, you will always be remembered with love and laughter. Stories of your leaping ability and your antics will always be included when we tell others about our family of cats. You will live forever in our hearts until we meet you at the Bridge and cross the Veil together.

With all our love to you, farewell Mama Cat. R.I.P.

~ Mommy, Daddy, and the gang


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Mama Cat Update 5-6-12

Mama Cat had a seizure Thursday evening.

Dr. Kevin said it was probably brought on by her heart failure, not enough oxygen to her brain. We increased the heart medication to twice a day.

There have been no additional seizures, at least none that we’ve witnessed. Her condition is not as good as before the seizure, and in fact seems to be deteriorating.

She has staked a claim to the stove-top as her favorite place to be. I move her when I need to cook, the rest of the time, its hers.


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