Mama Cat Update

The test results came back for Mama Cat last Monday. They showed that she is severely hyperthyroid. That same day we put her on medication to lower her levels and hopefully get her on the road to recovery.

Mama is not too happy about the increase in the amount of pills she must now take each day. She protests loudly with weapons drawn when “pill time” rolls around. She really hates the nutritional supplement, too. Forcing her to take it( with a syringe) is stressful for us both. In the meantime her appetite for normal food has picked up. She’s eating more and  keeping it down. Maybe we can stop the nutritional supplement soon.

With only a week’s worth of medication in her system, Mama is showing improvement in her behavior too.  There are less signs of weakness and she is more alert.

I admit that I want one of those instant recoveries. I know that it won’t happen that way. She will have to have the medicine adjusted, maybe several times before we get the best results. I’m just impatient.



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