Daddy Got New Wheels!

Our Daddy got a new wheelchair! He is all excited because it rides much smoother than the old one. He likes it much better.We kitties are happy for Daddy.

Maggie Mae was a little bit confused at first. She didn’t recognize Daddy in the new chair and played hard-to-get for awhile. He had to call her and sweet-talk her before she would come close enough to get petted. After the first petting she was OK. Daddy says we can be really weird kitties sometimes. Maggie Mae  says she just doesn’t believe in taking chances.

We don’t have pictures of Daddy and the new wheels yet. Mommy says she will take some soon.

Mommy has been working a lot the past two weeks so we haven’t had much catputer time. After the next few days we will be back to writing and being on our Facebook page more often (if Mommy keeps her promise to us, that is).

Purrs to all our friends.

~ Amber and the gang


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