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Daddy Got New Wheels!

Our Daddy got a new wheelchair! He is all excited because it rides much smoother than the old one. He likes it much better.We kitties are happy for Daddy.

Maggie Mae was a little bit confused at first. She didn’t recognize Daddy in the new chair and played hard-to-get for awhile. He had to call her and sweet-talk her before she would come close enough to get petted. After the first petting she was OK. Daddy says we can be really weird kitties sometimes. Maggie Mae  says she just doesn’t believe in taking chances.

We don’t have pictures of Daddy and the new wheels yet. Mommy says she will take some soon.

Mommy has been working a lot the past two weeks so we haven’t had much catputer time. After the next few days we will be back to writing and being on our Facebook page more often (if Mommy keeps her promise to us, that is).

Purrs to all our friends.

~ Amber and the gang


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Maggie’s in Trouble

Maggie has been busy getting into trouble. This morning Maggie Mae missed a leap and fell. Her front part landed in the food bowl and our food flew all over the dining room. Her back part landed in the water dish that was next to the food and threw all the water everywhere.

The water and food were all mixed together all over. It was a big sloppy mess.

Maggie Mae ran real fast so as to not get blamed, but Mommy saw the whole thing. Mommy had to stop laughing before she could clean it up. Maggie came up and rubbed against Mommy. That was her way of saying she was sorry. She was also embarrassed. Maggie Mae seldom misses a leap.


After she watched Mommy clean up and (gasp) throw away the sloppy cat food, Maggie found a soft spot and took a nap. Mommy says the only time Maggie isn’t getting into trouble is when she is sleeping. . .  and then she’s probably dreaming about getting in trouble. . .  

Purrs ~ Amber

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Happy Valentine’s Day

We kitties hope all our friends and their pet-parents have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  Especially our Facebook friends. And even more especially, Socks of Five Kitty Brothers!


Right now I, Amber, am just going to snuggle with Mommy. She says that’s the best Valentine’s Day present ever!!

Love and Purrs to all our friends.

~ Amber 

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Uh Oh

We haven’t posted since right after Christmas! Its Mommy’s fault. All this work, work, work stuff is making her slack on helping us with our literary endeavors. Oh the shame. Mommy,  think about OUR careers sometime.

We have had our computer time, sort of. We have been on our FaceBook page, hanging out with our friends and keeping up the the goings on in Kitty Land. The FB page was to be an extra bit of fun, not our only fun.

So, what have we been up to? Well….

Most of the time just the usual catty stuff. You know, chasing each other through the house, knocking things off tables and shelves. We’ve deposited a few very nice hairballs in some very creative locations. Just the usual stuff a houseful of kitties do.

Lately Mama Cat and I (Amber) have decided to make medicine time more interesting by hiding from Mommy. I am an under the bed type kitty. Mama hides up high on the counter tops or in the jungle made by all those house plants Mommy keeps. (She has as many houseplants as there are kitties.)

Jay Jay dog is losing more furs due to the Cushing’s Disease. He wears sweaters and little shirts Mommy made him all the time. They keep him warm and he seems to feel better wearing them. Mommy dragged out her knitting needles and started knitting them for him. She hadn’t knitted in years. We like the knitting. All that pretty yarn is so tempting. We think it should be designated as cat toy material, but Mommy says no.


This sweater is one Mommy’s friend, Linda, gave Jay Jay.

Me, Amber, playing in my box. 

I love playing in boxes when I’m not on FaceBook.

Purrs ~ Amber

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