We Survived Christmas!

We made it through the holidays!!!! Oh Purr!!!!

Our normal life here at the cottage is pretty routine. Mommy gets up, feeds us, then gives us our meds, cleans our litter boxes, feeds us, gives us petties, feeds us… you get the idea. Every day is pretty much the same.

Until the holidays.

First came the Christmas tree. Not so bad. It has all sorts of pretty things to paw and bat around. We kitties rather enjoy the Christmas tree. Oh sure, Mommy yells and scats us away from it when she sees us playing. She can’t watch all the time, however, so we got plenty of playtime in before the big day.


When it got close to Christmas, Mommy started going here and there to all the stores. She came in with many bags of stuff. . . human stuff. We looked. It was all for big humans and small humans. No gifts for us.

We aren’t self-centered or anything like that, but were starting to worry that we might not get anything. Then Mommy got us a stocking to hang. One (1) stocking, mind you. There are ten cats here. Hello!!


Soon our one stocking was hung. Mommy got really busy cleaning  the cottage and wrapping presents. She had gotten stockings for her great-granddaughters, too. (They each got their own stocking.) These were soon filled to the brim with goodies for her “baby girls”. Our stocking remained empty.

It calmed down some, and by Christmas morning we thought the regular routine was going to resume. Wrong. Mommy fed us and gave us our meds, like normal.

Then people started showing up, including the “baby girls” who are ages three and seven. We headed for the basement, the bedroom (under the beds), closets; any hiding place we could find was soon full of kitties.

Soon the smell of good food cooking drifted through our hiding places, making us very hungry. We sent Mikey up to scope things out. Both little girls tried to catch him and hug him. They chased Mikey through the cottage.

Mikey ran back to the hiding places and told us it was still not safe to come out.

We waited.

We waiting until we were sure  everyone had gone except Mommy and Daddy. We waited until the only sound was them talking about the day. Then we started to un-hide ourselves.

When we came out, OUR stocking was full of kitty toys and CATNIP!!! Unbelievable!

Mommy fed us and petted us and gave us catnip. We rolled in the catnip and batted our new mousies high in the air.We played chase, running around the cottage at full tilt. 

We played until we were exhausted.


It  was  a good Christmas after all!


~ Amber


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day:-) Glad you all received fun presents!

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