R.I.P. Smudge

Smudge was with us almost exactly 3 months.


Three months were not enough. At least that’s what our hearts are crying out as we mourn his passing. Smudge gave us as much love as we gave him. We all benefited. We miss him and always will.

He arrived as a mere skeleton with fur  stretched over the bones. Our vet said that would never change and it didn’t. His appetite was huge. Each time either of us even appeared to be headed for the kitchen, Smudge would race ahead in order to get there first and beg for more food. He always got it.

One of Smudge’s favorite tricks was to attempt to drink tea from our glasses. Someone in his past must have allowed this, because he gave us the most indignant look when we thwarted his attempt. 

Smudge ‘s favorite sleeping spot was curled next to my husband, just under his chin. Smudge slept there as though it had been his sleeping spot for many years.

He was a “daddy’s boy”. One of his favorite things was to sit in  my husband’s lap and ride with him through the house.


Another was to snuggle in the recliner.


Early this week Smudge started eating less and drinking more water. As the days past we tried every brand of cat food, baby food, anything we could think of that he might eat. Each day he ate less. What worked on Monday failed on Tuesday. What worked at one meal failed at the next. Thursday night he refused everything but water. He was drinking tons of water.

Friday morning he was very weak and refused water.

He didn’t appear to be in pain. He was just very weak. His favorite bed, next to where my husband sits, was where he stayed most of the day.

When he did try to wander, we wrapped him in a blanket and took turns holding him like a baby. He would try to purr. Eventually there were no more purrs. Only his eyes, looking deep into ours. We told him how much we loved him and how much we would miss him. It was a sad good-bye.

We placed him back in his bed, where he remained until his passing.

I buried Smudge next to a wild rose bush near the woods. A young oak grows nearby. He shares that area with other beloved pets who have crossed the Bridge over the years. His time with us was less than theirs. The love was the same.

Run free at the Bridge, Smudge. We will meet you there one day.

~ Kitty Mommy


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