Monday Musings–Amber

Mommy has added ne to the routine list of who gets pills every day. Blah… I do not like this pill taking thing. It does seem to make me feel better and not cough as much. This cough is aggravating. Every time I try to purr I get a nasty coughing fit. I have a good purr-motor and can’t help trying to purr whenever I am petted or talked to.  I’m dealing with it, but it makes Mommy and Daddy sad to make me cough.

IMAG0033 Even with all the health problems we have, sometimes funny things happen.

One of our favorite perching places  is a window shelf Daddy made for us in the kitchen.

Last night, Mama Cat missed a leap to the shelf and fell into the trash can. It was almost empty and the bag went into the can behind her. It took a few hilarious moments for her to collect herself and get out of the can. Mommy and Daddy couldn’t help. They were laughing too hard to do anything.

Eventually Mama got out of the can on her own. She spent the next few minutes being indignant and ill tempered. Mommy and Daddy were still laughing. . . they couldn’t help it. 

On a sad note:

We learned last night that Jack the Cat crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It made our whole family sad. He had indeed shown courage and determination. RIP, Jack.

Hope everyone has a great Monday….

Purrs ~ Amber


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