On Borrowed Time–Amber


Coughing and gagging…..losing weight. Not good in a kitty with a known heart murmur. Miss Amber went to Dr. Kevin Tuesday after I had watched these symptoms for three days. So much like those of her sister, Amy, which hadn’t meant anything to me until her unexpected death from heart failure.

After Amy’s passing we had the entire family, Precious and her remaining four children, checked. Precious and Mikey had no murmurs. Amber, Maggie, and Tigger did. Nothing could be done, Dr. Kevin said, but keep an eye on them.

Dr. Kevin says that Amber’s heart murmur sounds the same, but that changes are probably taking place inside of her heart. Probably the thickening of the heart walls that eventually killed Amy by decreasing her heart’s pumping ability.

Amber came home with a Beta Blocker to help her heart pump easier. She now takes 12.5mg of Atenolol once a day. Her cough is no better. In fact I think it is worse, but she doesn’t seem to have the spells as often.

We appreciate the outpouring of love and concern from those who follow the Cathouse Chronicles on Facebook. The cats, dogs and humans there are more special to us than we can put into words. Thank you, each and every one.

Amber is being very brave and has resumed posting on FaceBook. When she doesn’t feel good her adopted sister, Sugar, fills in for her.

Amber is a very special and sweet kitty. We hope the time she is borrowing will last as long as is possible. She is a beloved member of our family.

~ Kitty Mommy


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