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On a Lighter Note

So many of our posts have been about illness and bad news lately we thought we’d post a video of us playing with the “red dot”. Enjoy.

Purrs ~ Amber and the gang.

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A Cathouse Thanksgiving

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We did, although we didn’t think so at first. You see, Mommy had stayed up after she got home the night before cooking and making things that were put away instead of being eaten. That was confusing.

Everything seemed normal Thanksgiving morning… Mommy and Daddy got up and had coffee and talked. Just like normal. Then Mommy put all the food and goodies she had made into a box and put it in the car. She and Daddy said they would be back later. . . and they LEFT!!! Both of them! At the same time. We were ALONE!!!

Jay Jay Dog started barking and howling and crying for Mommy and Daddy as soon as the car left the yard. The noise was horrendous! He can sure make a lot of noise for a little dog!

We kitties were mad. . . at being left alone with a howling dog and for being left alone in general. Mommy and Daddy just don’t do that. How could they!!!

We were forewarned. . . they had been talking about going to their granddaughter’s house for Thanksgiving dinner for weeks. We, however, didn’t believe they could actually do such a thing.

At first we discussed our revenge. Thomas T. was planning on throwing up just inside the front door; Maggie was going to pee somewhere inappropriate; Precious promised a hairball on the bed. Yes, we had our plan about worked out.

Then we got to thinking about what Thanksgiving is all about and the things we were thankful for.

Precious said she was thankful Mommy had brought her food and water when she was living under the dumpster and then brought her home as soon as she gained her trust.


Thomas was thankful Mommy and Daddy had taken him in the  winter he showed up, many years ago now, homeless and lost.


Smudge was thankful Mommy had taken him in this fall and thankful that she is willing and able to feed him all he can eat whenever he wants it.


Tigger said he was thankful Mommy had made sure he got his surgeries and always takes him to the vet when he shows the smallest sign of being sick.


Mama Cat was thankful for being taken in and for the love she has received and the medical care. She is glad she gets her medicine every day, not matter how big a fit she throws, cause she feels better when she gets her medicine.


I, Amber, am thankful Mommy knew what to watch for and got me to the vet when my heart started acting up. Maybe I will get to live a bit longer due to her diligence. I want to, I love being alive.


Lisa is thankful she has had a home with Mommy and Daddy for over 15 years. She is glad Mommy got her on life-saving meds in time to.


Mikey is thankful to be here with Mommy and Daddy. They spoil him and he knows it.


Maggie Mae is also thankful to be here. Her temperamental “watch this!”pee sessions would not be tolerated by many “regular” people.


Sugar and Spicy are thankful Mommy took time to pick them up where they had been set out on the roadside to starve. They are thankful that they went from almost crossing the Bridge to having a home with us.



Jay Jay Dog stopped howling long enough to say he was thankful to be here too. His illnesses are being treated and as the only dog, he is “King” of the castle.


We told him he was spoiled rotten and it was a cottage, not a castle and he wasn’t king. He started barking and howling again. You can’t have a calm discussion with a dog. . . unless you’re a human.

Mommy and Daddy were gone about all day. They got home before dark, all tired from the trip and sleepy from the good food.

They said they were thankful for their human children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and that they got to spend time with them.

Then they told us that they were thankful that we were all here, waiting to greet them when they opened the door.

That made our wait worth every minute.

Purrs ~ Amber and the gang~


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Monday Musings–Amber

Mommy has added ne to the routine list of who gets pills every day. Blah… I do not like this pill taking thing. It does seem to make me feel better and not cough as much. This cough is aggravating. Every time I try to purr I get a nasty coughing fit. I have a good purr-motor and can’t help trying to purr whenever I am petted or talked to.  I’m dealing with it, but it makes Mommy and Daddy sad to make me cough.

IMAG0033 Even with all the health problems we have, sometimes funny things happen.

One of our favorite perching places  is a window shelf Daddy made for us in the kitchen.

Last night, Mama Cat missed a leap to the shelf and fell into the trash can. It was almost empty and the bag went into the can behind her. It took a few hilarious moments for her to collect herself and get out of the can. Mommy and Daddy couldn’t help. They were laughing too hard to do anything.

Eventually Mama got out of the can on her own. She spent the next few minutes being indignant and ill tempered. Mommy and Daddy were still laughing. . . they couldn’t help it. 

On a sad note:

We learned last night that Jack the Cat crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It made our whole family sad. He had indeed shown courage and determination. RIP, Jack.

Hope everyone has a great Monday….

Purrs ~ Amber

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