Keeping an Eye on Things


Mikey here. I’ve been keeping an eye on things this week. My brother, Tigger, had to go to the vet last Friday along with Thomas T. and Smudge.

Mommy wrote about Smudge’s visit in the last post. She didn’t mention Thomas.

Thomas has always been healthy and had never seen Dr. Kevin.  First the scale: Thomas weighed in at 13 pounds. Not bad. He’s all muscle. During the exam everything checked out great except his heart. We learned Thomas has a Class 4 murmur. The highest of any of us. Or I should say, the most severe.

It seems we Shady Hollow Cats are plagued with heart murmurs. It has Dr. Kevin and Mommy bewildered. We expected it in my litter mates (I’m the only one out of five siblings that does NOT have a murmur). An enlarged heart and its failure was what sent my sister Amy to the Bridge last year.


Mikey and Tigger


My brother Tigger went on this visit to get his bottom shaved and so Dr. Kevin could check his catheter. He has had the indwelling catheter for almost a year and has only had one bladder infection. It was due to damp fur and bacteria; so now he gets a trim about every 6 weeks.

It is real humiliating for him. He has lots of pride and he is terribly shy. Having a vet tech shaving his behind makes him very unhappy. Well, until he and Mommy start home. He doesn’t even meow on the way home.

Tigger got weighed while at Dr. Kevin’s. He weighed 17 pounds. He and I are big boys. I weighed 16 pounds at my last visit. We are both very loving and demand attention. Mommy calls us her “snuggle bugs”.

I’ll keep and eye on things and if Amber gets too busy on Face Book to write a post, I’ll take care of it. I have to look out for my sister, you know.

Purrs, Mikey


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