The Verdict is in: Smudge is OLD

“Oh my”, Dr. Kevin said as he lifted Smudge out of the carrier.  He began to feel down Smudge’s sides with the washboard ribs. He felt the protruding hip bones and down the spine. Next the look inside the mouth and ears, the eye exam. I waited for Dr. Kevin to finish the exam, noticing how much time he was spending listening to Smudge’s heart and lungs.

Dr. Kevin stood straight and shook his head. “Its not good", Joyce.”

I sighed, I had suspected it wasn’t. Kevin asked, “These cats just find you, don’t they? I mean, you don’t look for them.” I told him that the only one of the now 12 cats that I sought out was Lisa. I got her from a neighbor. The rest just found me and I took them in. Kevin nodded.

The Verdict:

Smudge is a very old cat. A conservative guess would put him at around 15, but Kevin feels he is much older.


Smudge has severely worn and missing teeth. He has all the signs of hyperthyroidism, cataracts on both eyes, and a  Class 3 heart murmur. His little old body is just wearing out.

Kevin said the hyperthyroidism was probably the thing that kept him eating. We won’t treat it for that reason. His heart sounded pretty bad. Kevin didn’t tell me anything other than Class 3, I saw it on his face. He looked like he did when he listened to Amy’s heart a year ago, when it was failing.

Dr. Kevin said the best thing would be to bring Smudge home, love him and let him live out his days being loved. He said it wouldn’t be long until Smudge crossed the Bridge.

I have noticed over the past several days that Smudge’s appetite has gone from eating heartily to being very picky. He’s eating less than half what he scarfed down just a week ago.

This rescue may be short lived in-so-far as length of time Smudge spends with us. But I would much rather his last days be spent in comfort and love than huddled under a bush the way I found him. Scared and alone.


~ Kitty Mommy


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  1. Hey Smudge! Hope your doing good!!!!

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