Starving No More: Smudge

I’m the latest stray kitty to find my way to Shady Hollow. I’d been wandering the neighborhood for a while. Mommy said she heard me meowing over a week before she saw me, but there are lots of cats in this neighborhood, and she didn’t realize I was abandoned, scared and starving until last Friday.


I was trying to slip around the cottage to see if I could find kitty left-overs from another kitty’s dinner when she saw me. I ran and hid under a big thick bush. Mommy called me and I meowed and came to peep out at her. She left and came back with a paper plate of food! Oh, how good it was!!


I felt much better after the food. I stayed under the bush and waited. Sure enough, after a few hours she brought me more food. By Sunday I felt much better. I was letting Mommy pet me and coming when she called…. well almost. I would come to the edge of the bush and peek out at her, then come to the food when she placed it one the ground near my bush.


I started trusting Mommy and would follow her when she walked away.


Last night it started to rain a little. Mommy fed me this morning and I was wet. She had left the garden shed open for me, but I wouldn’t go in.

Mommy says I’m too thin and in too delicate a condition to be out in the rain. She put a litter box, food and water in a bathroom in her basement and  brought me in. I was a little scared at first. Mommy kept petting me and telling me what a good kitty I am. It dawned on me that I was in a house, warm and dry and being petted. I gave Mommy a head bonk and began to purr and purr.

I want her to stay with me all the time and call for her to come back when she leaves me. But I know she will come back. . . with food, treats, and petties.

I think I’m going to be OK.

Purrs ~ Smudge

Mommy here: I have been calling her Smudge because of the marking on her nose; which I first thought was a smudge of dirt. Her age is uncertain, but I guess between 4 and 5 at least. We’ll see what Dr. Kevin thinks when she goes to be vetted.


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