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Love Birds

Thomas T. and Precious are our resident love birds. They sleep together, snuggle together, wash each other: all the things kitties in love do.

Precious and Thomas


We caught this loving moment the other day and thought we’d share.

~ Kitty Mommy

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Starving No More: Smudge

I’m the latest stray kitty to find my way to Shady Hollow. I’d been wandering the neighborhood for a while. Mommy said she heard me meowing over a week before she saw me, but there are lots of cats in this neighborhood, and she didn’t realize I was abandoned, scared and starving until last Friday.


I was trying to slip around the cottage to see if I could find kitty left-overs from another kitty’s dinner when she saw me. I ran and hid under a big thick bush. Mommy called me and I meowed and came to peep out at her. She left and came back with a paper plate of food! Oh, how good it was!!


I felt much better after the food. I stayed under the bush and waited. Sure enough, after a few hours she brought me more food. By Sunday I felt much better. I was letting Mommy pet me and coming when she called…. well almost. I would come to the edge of the bush and peek out at her, then come to the food when she placed it one the ground near my bush.


I started trusting Mommy and would follow her when she walked away.


Last night it started to rain a little. Mommy fed me this morning and I was wet. She had left the garden shed open for me, but I wouldn’t go in.

Mommy says I’m too thin and in too delicate a condition to be out in the rain. She put a litter box, food and water in a bathroom in her basement and  brought me in. I was a little scared at first. Mommy kept petting me and telling me what a good kitty I am. It dawned on me that I was in a house, warm and dry and being petted. I gave Mommy a head bonk and began to purr and purr.

I want her to stay with me all the time and call for her to come back when she leaves me. But I know she will come back. . . with food, treats, and petties.

I think I’m going to be OK.

Purrs ~ Smudge

Mommy here: I have been calling her Smudge because of the marking on her nose; which I first thought was a smudge of dirt. Her age is uncertain, but I guess between 4 and 5 at least. We’ll see what Dr. Kevin thinks when she goes to be vetted.

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Mommy’s Thoughts… 9/8/2011

Life can get interesting when you have 12 pets and a husband.

Of the 11 cats, 4 are senior kitties with health problems to match their age. The lone dog in the mix, also a senior, has developed his own health problems.

The husband, with his own health issues and also a senior, is remarkably patient and understanding of me and the pets. He loves us all.

The 7 younger cats, ranging in age from 5 to 1 year are going through dominance issues with some resulting bad behavior. It can range from screaming at each other to inappropriate urination. The pee-cat has been checked: no bladder infection, just a feline with passive-aggressive tendencies.

The sick kitties…. who you have learned about if you read the blog regularly, are Lisa (intestinal lymphoma), Tigger (chronic collapsing urethra and permanent catheter), Mama Cat (high blood pressure and mammary tumor), Tennyson (weight loss and inflamed gums), and Jay-Dog (low thyroid). All of the above are on daily medications.

Hubby and I also have daily medications. Lucky for me, he in in charge of his. I take mine and administer the pet-meds each day. Believe me, the calendar is full of names and check marks. I have my phone set to remind me to take mine.

To update on the last and upcoming vet visits: Tennyson went for a follow up yesterday and was given a 3 day round of antibiotics. He goes for a check up next week. It will be a two-cat trip, as Mama Cat is going for a check of the tumor, which I think has started to grow and spread down the line.

The prognoses for Mama Cat isn’t good. Her age (14), heart issues and high blood pressure make surgery a scary proposition.

Tennyson’s appetite had improved by late yesterday (I haven’t fed them this morning) and made me feel hopeful that we can get him up to par soon. I hope so. He is a precious kitty.

Speaking of feeding the kitties: they are gathered round me with demanding looks, so I better go open those cans.

~ Kitty Mommy

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