Here We Go Again: 7/14/2011

By Amber

Mama Cat made a big improvement once she started taking her high blood pressure medicine. We are all happy to see her feeling better. She even plays now! She was always too stressed and bad tempered to play before and seldom let anyone but Mommy pet her. Now she even lets Mommy rub her tummy.

It was in a recently allowed tummy rub that Mommy found a lump in one of Mama Cat’s mammary glands. A closer look revealed the nipple of that gland red and angry looking. An even closer inspection and Mommy discovered another lump in a second mammary gland.


Mommy made an appointment for Mama Cat to see Dr. Kevin in the morning. She is afraid this will be a very bad thing for Mama Cat. We are too.

We hope that Dr. Kevin can pull one more miracle out of his doctor bag for us. 

Mama needs it.

Purrs ~ Amber


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