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Hooray! Good News for a Change

By Mama Cat


This morning, while asking politely for my breakfast and generally being a good cat, I was suddenly scooped up, placed in a carrier and whisked off to see Dr. Kevin. I didn’t complain until we crossed the railroad track on the way. (Mommy really should slow down more before crossing that horrid thing.) At that point, I gave a really disgusted meow… maybe she will get the idea.


It doesn’t take long to get to Dr. Kevin’s office. It’s only about 4 miles away from the cottage. I had not been feeling good. . . not from my blood pressure this time though. My eyes burned and I had a sore boob (Mommy says the correct word is mammary gland, whatever).

We got to go straight into the “Cat Room” and I was taken out of my carrier and weighed (6 pounds). Then Dr. Kevin came in and Mommy told him she was worried about my eyes because they leak all the time. She told him I had two swollen mammary glands and one looked really bad (it was all pink and had a discharge, she said). If I hadn’t been so nervous about being at Dr. Kevin’s, I would have blushed…. I mean those are my “personal parts” she was talking about.

Dr. Kevin looked in my ears. Then he looked at my eyes and shined a light in them. I didn’t much like that, but he does it every time I go. He said I had an eye infection. Even my second eyelid was inflamed, he told Mommy.

Then the real indignity took place. Mommy stood me on my back feet so Dr. Kevin could check my tummy and mammary glands (embarrassing!)

Hmmmm, he said. (I have learned that when Dr. Kevin says that It isn’t good… at least from my point of view.)

At Dr. Kevin’s direction; Mommy and the vet tech (Miss Anne) held me on the table while Dr. Kevin took a needle and stuck it in my swollen boob (sorry, mammary gland), Ouch, ouch, ouch, I thought. I was a good girl though and didn’t wiggle; well not too much. I didn’t hiss, or scratch or bite. Mommy said she was proud of me, because she would have hissed, scratched and bitten if it had been her.

Dr. Kevin got a sample and went to check it under the microscope to see what it contained. I got blood all over my white furs when he pulled out the needle, but Miss Anne cleaned me up really good. While he was gone I had my temperature taken. Now, let me say up front that is my least favorite things about vet trips so far. It was normal. That seemed to make Miss Anne and Mommy happy.

In a little while Dr. Kevin came back. No cancer cells he said and Mommy gave me a big hug. He said there was lots of infection and gave me a shot to take care of that. Whew!

Mommy let me get back in the carrier. Then she went and gave green papers to Miss Leslie at the counter and got the eye drops and we came home to the cottage. I didn’t know what eye drops were. I do now.


After I had some food, Mommy picked me up and held me while she came at my eye with this little bottle that leaks. I know it leaks because it leaked drops that went in each of my eyes. I thought that Mommy should have said, “Mama Cat, this little bottle leaks”. She didn’t have to do a show-and-tell and get the stuff in my eyes.

And to make it worse, when she got home from work she had to show me again that it leaks and got the stuff in my eyes again. She told Daddy she had to do it twice a day.  Twice a day???!!!

So now I have to take my blood pressure medicine every morning and have the leaky bottle leak in my eyes twice a day, and my boob is sore from the needle.

And Mommy and Daddy are happy about this.

I am getting lots of extra petties, and extra treats after the eye drops though. And I know Mommy and Daddy love me. That’s what really matters.

Purrs ~ Mama Cat

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Here We Go Again: 7/14/2011

By Amber

Mama Cat made a big improvement once she started taking her high blood pressure medicine. We are all happy to see her feeling better. She even plays now! She was always too stressed and bad tempered to play before and seldom let anyone but Mommy pet her. Now she even lets Mommy rub her tummy.

It was in a recently allowed tummy rub that Mommy found a lump in one of Mama Cat’s mammary glands. A closer look revealed the nipple of that gland red and angry looking. An even closer inspection and Mommy discovered another lump in a second mammary gland.


Mommy made an appointment for Mama Cat to see Dr. Kevin in the morning. She is afraid this will be a very bad thing for Mama Cat. We are too.

We hope that Dr. Kevin can pull one more miracle out of his doctor bag for us. 

Mama needs it.

Purrs ~ Amber

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