Kitty Health Update

By The Kitties Mommy

I think things have calmed down a little after two weeks of trips to the vet and follow-ups to see how the afflicted kitties were progressing. Here’s an update.

TENNYSON: After having the 7 teeth pulled and the rest cleaned, Tennyson is back to being himself. Withdrawn while suffering the tooth pain and infection, he is now back to being outgoing and in as much mischief as before.


TGGER: The struggle with UTI is over for now. Since he has an indwelling catheter he is more prone to UTI’s, so we keep a close eye on our big boy. His heart murmur is still a class 3 according to sound, but Dr. Kevin reminds me that we don’t know what is taking place inside his heart. If it is taking the same path as Amy’s he is on borrowed time. This only makes him more precious to us and we cherish each day with him.


LISA: All her blood work indicates lymphoma and x-rays show a thickening of the intestinal wall. She takes prednisone every other day to reduce inflammation.   Dr. Kevin says she is doing very well and should hold her own unless or until an actual tumor forms. She was diagnosed last October and has amazed us all with her determination. Lisa is the oldest Shady Hollow cat, at 15.


MAMA CAT: Getting her blood pressure under control has made a big difference in Mama Cat’s life. She has lost most of the aggression that earned her the nick name “Hell Cat”. Her litter box problems are over, the hissing and growling have stopped, and she has actually been spotted playing.


My research into feline hypertension indicates that it is a growing problem as our pets live longer. Most of the time it is associated with other conditions, others it stands alone. Mama is in excellent health for a 14 year old cat, except for the hypertension. As their checkups come around I plan to have Dr. Kevin check all the older cats for high blood pressure. I recommend you do the same.


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  1. Sending really, really big purrs that everyone feels better!

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