Tennyson Update

Hi, Tennyson here. I just wanted to thank all our friends for the get-well wishes  and purrayers while I was dealing with my dental work and teeth pulling. My mouth doesn’t hurt anymore. I can’t eat kibble, but Mommy feeds me plenty of canned food. I’m starting to gain weight and its harder to feel my ribs.


I’m behaving like  my normal self now. Climbing onto high shelves, getting in cool cardboard boxes that Mommy lets us play with, and keeping an eye on the cottage activities in general. I stick my tongue out a lot, cause there are no teeth to hold it in. At least that’s what Dr. Kevin said about why I do it.


I take real good care of the kitchen…. we had just ate in this picture.


I like to hang around so I can talk Mommy into giving me extra bites. She can’t resist my “I love you Mommy …. but I’m starving” look.

I’ve got to go… I haven”t checked out the top of the big bookshelf today. Thanks again to each and every one who was worried about me.

Purrs, Tennyson


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  1. Sending you purrs to keep getting better!

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