EEK….. Small Humans!!!

We all abandoned the window ledges, beds, couches and chairs yesterday and found a safe hiding place downstairs in the basement.  We spent most of the day down there, finding napping spots and places we could force ourselves into, just in case someone came downstairs. You never can tell with small humans, they run wild worse than a bunch of 3 month old kittens. They make more noise than kittens too, or puppies!

Our big humans, Mommy and Daddy, don’t make a lot of noise. They don’t run hither and thither stomping their feet. They don’t squeal and chase us trying to make us let them pet us (fat chance).  They are nice and comfortable to be around. Not so small humans…great-grandchildren, Mommy calls them.  They are all of the above and we are just too dignified and reserved to deal with it. So, it was hide in the basement time for us.

Except Tennyson. He didn’t seem to mind. He sat on a shelf upstairs and watched them. He did sit very still on the shelf.

It was a couple of hours after they left before we started drifting back upstairs. We looked everywhere, making sure they weren’t hiding from us, ready to spring out on us unexpectedly. But, they had gone home. Whew!

It’s peaceful in the cottage now. We did have a scare earlier though…. Mommy played back videos she took yesterday on the computer. We could hear the joyful shouts and screams of the small humans playing outside in the water and were afraid they had returned. Luckily, it was a false alarm.

Mommy needs to warn us before she does that again.

Purrs, Amber


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  1. You guys be careful… I dunno about the mini-humans, I hear frightening things about sticky hands and tail pulling!

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