Its MY Turn Already!!!


Mikey here. I’ve been biding my time, waiting for Mommy to let me write a post. I’m pretty good about waiting my turn.

I was starting to get worried though. So many of my kitty housemates have been sick that Mommy and Amber only write about them. I don’t think that’s fair. I have a few things to talk about too.

A few weeks ago I went to see Dr. Kevin. Maggie Mae and I went at the same time. We cried and fussed all the way. I was the loudest, because I didn’t want to go! It was  just a check-up, Mommy said. We knew it was to find out if we had the dreaded heart murmur that runs in our family.

Turns out that Maggie Mae does have one, but only a Class 1, Dr. Kevin said. Nothing to worry about yet.

I don’t have one…. not even a tiny one!!! Everyone was surprised because I am a big cat, 16 pounds and no fat. I’m a muscular man-cat.

When we got home (I cried all the way home, too) I proceeded to take a nap. See me under my blanket?


I really, really like to sleep under a blanket. I will get under it myself or have Mommy hold it while I get underneath. I have her trained pretty good.


I like to sit in windows between naps…..


I’m so purrfectly happy to have a chance to write a post! Thank you, Mommy!

Purrs, Mikey the Wonder Cat


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