Mama’s Mystery Illness: Solved

Over the past few months Mama Cat has been sick off-and-on. Mommy couldn’t figure out what was going on. We kitties thought she was just acting weird.


Yesterday our Mommy took Mama to see Dr. Kevin. Mama behaved super good, to the amazement of all. She can be such a hostile kitty when handled. She was a good girl and let Dr. Kevin examine her and take blood. Mommy and Mama (this is getting confusing) waited for the test results….

All the blood tests were well within normal range. Her liver is good, her kidneys are good, no diabetes, great looking teeth….

Dr. Kevin said she does have a minor heart murmur…. but that wouldn’t cause her symptoms.

Mommy asked if all the results were good, then why her strange behavior and why were her eyes dilated? Dr. Kevin said he had one more test that might answer that. He got a little bag out and took out a device that would let him take Mama’s blood pressure.

Mama’s blood pressure was very high. Dr. Kevin said she had Feline Primary Hypertension; high blood pressure not caused by another illness. Mommy looked it up when she got home. Click here for info.

Dr. Kevin said that Mama can’t see very well now and would probably go blind because of damage the high blood pressure has done to her eyes. That makes all us kitties very sad.

Mama will start taking blood pressure medicine this morning. Mommy has to keep a close eye on her to be sure the dose isn’t too high. Dr. Kevin told her what to watch for and to call his cell phone if she had those symptoms so he could fix it right away.

Please send us some purrs for Mama Kitty. As ornery as she is sometimes, we all love her and want her to feel better real soon.

Purrs ~ Amber


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