Teeth Troubles

Mommy had been keeping an eye on me for awhile. I was acting “different” she told Daddy. My breath started to smell bad and I was drooling. Of course, I had always drooled. I had front teeth missing when Mommy and Daddy took me in last year. I stopped eating kibble. Mommy thought it was because I just preferred the wet food. But I started losing weight. I wouldn’t let Mommy check my mouth. It hurt too bad to let her open it to look.

Mommy got a baby scale and weighed me. I had lost a pound! I was down to 7 pounds and my ribs were really easy to feel. She called Dr. Kevin and made me an appointment.


I didn’t want to open my mouth for Dr. Kevin either. Mommy held me still and he made me let him look. Mommy looked too and was shocked. My mouth had deteriorated since my check up in October. I had a sore in the back of my jaw, an ulcer on my gum, and  lots of my teeth were infected.

“Poor kitty”, Mommy and Dr. Kevin said.

Then Mommy left me with Dr. Kevin. I slept through the work Dr. Kevin did in my mouth, so I don’t remember anything. Dr. Kevin gave me medicine so that my mouth didn’t hurt so much and an antibiotic shot.

Mommy came for me the next morning. I heard Dr. Kevin tell her that he had pulled 7 teeth. He had removed the growth/sore in the back of my mouth and I have a stitch where it was. He said he thought the ulcer was from the infection in my teeth. He said I had to come back for a check up next week.

I was just glad to be back in my carrier and ready to go home! I’ll worry about the check up next week.

I’m eating all the wet food Mommy will give me and she gives me all I can eat. Even with freshly pulled teeth, eating hurts less that it did before. And I’ve made the scale my own personal space, so Mommy can check my weight anytime she wants.


Purrs, Tennyson


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