Three’s the Charm….I Hope

Kitty Mommy here. It has been hectic for the past three weeks. Mama Cat came down with a viral infection. She is on the mend, but not fully back to normal. She is so anti-social that it is nearly impossible to take her to the vet. She behaves like the wildest feral and is not hesitant about doing serious damage to whomever she perceives as her attacker…. even me. Even being sick doesn’t seem to dampen her aggression. Dr. Kevin treats her “long distance”.

Tennyson had been acting “different” for several weeks. He started losing weight. A vet visit yesterday uncovered the problem as dental. He had 7 teeth removed and a growth removed from one jaw. Dr. Kevin  will probably have it checked at the lab. We’ll discuss that when I pick Tennyson up later this morning.

I’ve also been keeping a close eye on Tigger. He is definitely showing signs of a bladder infection. I’ll be taking him in for a look-see and probably an antibiotic shot when I go to bring Tennyson home.

I had been blessed with several months of no sick cats. All good things come to an end, I suppose.


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