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Tennyson Update

Hi, Tennyson here. I just wanted to thank all our friends for the get-well wishes  and purrayers while I was dealing with my dental work and teeth pulling. My mouth doesn’t hurt anymore. I can’t eat kibble, but Mommy feeds me plenty of canned food. I’m starting to gain weight and its harder to feel my ribs.


I’m behaving like  my normal self now. Climbing onto high shelves, getting in cool cardboard boxes that Mommy lets us play with, and keeping an eye on the cottage activities in general. I stick my tongue out a lot, cause there are no teeth to hold it in. At least that’s what Dr. Kevin said about why I do it.


I take real good care of the kitchen…. we had just ate in this picture.


I like to hang around so I can talk Mommy into giving me extra bites. She can’t resist my “I love you Mommy …. but I’m starving” look.

I’ve got to go… I haven”t checked out the top of the big bookshelf today. Thanks again to each and every one who was worried about me.

Purrs, Tennyson


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EEK….. Small Humans!!!

We all abandoned the window ledges, beds, couches and chairs yesterday and found a safe hiding place downstairs in the basement.  We spent most of the day down there, finding napping spots and places we could force ourselves into, just in case someone came downstairs. You never can tell with small humans, they run wild worse than a bunch of 3 month old kittens. They make more noise than kittens too, or puppies!

Our big humans, Mommy and Daddy, don’t make a lot of noise. They don’t run hither and thither stomping their feet. They don’t squeal and chase us trying to make us let them pet us (fat chance).  They are nice and comfortable to be around. Not so small humans…great-grandchildren, Mommy calls them.  They are all of the above and we are just too dignified and reserved to deal with it. So, it was hide in the basement time for us.

Except Tennyson. He didn’t seem to mind. He sat on a shelf upstairs and watched them. He did sit very still on the shelf.

It was a couple of hours after they left before we started drifting back upstairs. We looked everywhere, making sure they weren’t hiding from us, ready to spring out on us unexpectedly. But, they had gone home. Whew!

It’s peaceful in the cottage now. We did have a scare earlier though…. Mommy played back videos she took yesterday on the computer. We could hear the joyful shouts and screams of the small humans playing outside in the water and were afraid they had returned. Luckily, it was a false alarm.

Mommy needs to warn us before she does that again.

Purrs, Amber

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Its MY Turn Already!!!


Mikey here. I’ve been biding my time, waiting for Mommy to let me write a post. I’m pretty good about waiting my turn.

I was starting to get worried though. So many of my kitty housemates have been sick that Mommy and Amber only write about them. I don’t think that’s fair. I have a few things to talk about too.

A few weeks ago I went to see Dr. Kevin. Maggie Mae and I went at the same time. We cried and fussed all the way. I was the loudest, because I didn’t want to go! It was  just a check-up, Mommy said. We knew it was to find out if we had the dreaded heart murmur that runs in our family.

Turns out that Maggie Mae does have one, but only a Class 1, Dr. Kevin said. Nothing to worry about yet.

I don’t have one…. not even a tiny one!!! Everyone was surprised because I am a big cat, 16 pounds and no fat. I’m a muscular man-cat.

When we got home (I cried all the way home, too) I proceeded to take a nap. See me under my blanket?


I really, really like to sleep under a blanket. I will get under it myself or have Mommy hold it while I get underneath. I have her trained pretty good.


I like to sit in windows between naps…..


I’m so purrfectly happy to have a chance to write a post! Thank you, Mommy!

Purrs, Mikey the Wonder Cat

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Mama’s Mystery Illness: Solved

Over the past few months Mama Cat has been sick off-and-on. Mommy couldn’t figure out what was going on. We kitties thought she was just acting weird.


Yesterday our Mommy took Mama to see Dr. Kevin. Mama behaved super good, to the amazement of all. She can be such a hostile kitty when handled. She was a good girl and let Dr. Kevin examine her and take blood. Mommy and Mama (this is getting confusing) waited for the test results….

All the blood tests were well within normal range. Her liver is good, her kidneys are good, no diabetes, great looking teeth….

Dr. Kevin said she does have a minor heart murmur…. but that wouldn’t cause her symptoms.

Mommy asked if all the results were good, then why her strange behavior and why were her eyes dilated? Dr. Kevin said he had one more test that might answer that. He got a little bag out and took out a device that would let him take Mama’s blood pressure.

Mama’s blood pressure was very high. Dr. Kevin said she had Feline Primary Hypertension; high blood pressure not caused by another illness. Mommy looked it up when she got home. Click here for info.

Dr. Kevin said that Mama can’t see very well now and would probably go blind because of damage the high blood pressure has done to her eyes. That makes all us kitties very sad.

Mama will start taking blood pressure medicine this morning. Mommy has to keep a close eye on her to be sure the dose isn’t too high. Dr. Kevin told her what to watch for and to call his cell phone if she had those symptoms so he could fix it right away.

Please send us some purrs for Mama Kitty. As ornery as she is sometimes, we all love her and want her to feel better real soon.

Purrs ~ Amber

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Justice for Bow

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Teeth Troubles

Mommy had been keeping an eye on me for awhile. I was acting “different” she told Daddy. My breath started to smell bad and I was drooling. Of course, I had always drooled. I had front teeth missing when Mommy and Daddy took me in last year. I stopped eating kibble. Mommy thought it was because I just preferred the wet food. But I started losing weight. I wouldn’t let Mommy check my mouth. It hurt too bad to let her open it to look.

Mommy got a baby scale and weighed me. I had lost a pound! I was down to 7 pounds and my ribs were really easy to feel. She called Dr. Kevin and made me an appointment.


I didn’t want to open my mouth for Dr. Kevin either. Mommy held me still and he made me let him look. Mommy looked too and was shocked. My mouth had deteriorated since my check up in October. I had a sore in the back of my jaw, an ulcer on my gum, and  lots of my teeth were infected.

“Poor kitty”, Mommy and Dr. Kevin said.

Then Mommy left me with Dr. Kevin. I slept through the work Dr. Kevin did in my mouth, so I don’t remember anything. Dr. Kevin gave me medicine so that my mouth didn’t hurt so much and an antibiotic shot.

Mommy came for me the next morning. I heard Dr. Kevin tell her that he had pulled 7 teeth. He had removed the growth/sore in the back of my mouth and I have a stitch where it was. He said he thought the ulcer was from the infection in my teeth. He said I had to come back for a check up next week.

I was just glad to be back in my carrier and ready to go home! I’ll worry about the check up next week.

I’m eating all the wet food Mommy will give me and she gives me all I can eat. Even with freshly pulled teeth, eating hurts less that it did before. And I’ve made the scale my own personal space, so Mommy can check my weight anytime she wants.


Purrs, Tennyson

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Three’s the Charm….I Hope

Kitty Mommy here. It has been hectic for the past three weeks. Mama Cat came down with a viral infection. She is on the mend, but not fully back to normal. She is so anti-social that it is nearly impossible to take her to the vet. She behaves like the wildest feral and is not hesitant about doing serious damage to whomever she perceives as her attacker…. even me. Even being sick doesn’t seem to dampen her aggression. Dr. Kevin treats her “long distance”.

Tennyson had been acting “different” for several weeks. He started losing weight. A vet visit yesterday uncovered the problem as dental. He had 7 teeth removed and a growth removed from one jaw. Dr. Kevin  will probably have it checked at the lab. We’ll discuss that when I pick Tennyson up later this morning.

I’ve also been keeping a close eye on Tigger. He is definitely showing signs of a bladder infection. I’ll be taking him in for a look-see and probably an antibiotic shot when I go to bring Tennyson home.

I had been blessed with several months of no sick cats. All good things come to an end, I suppose.

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