Happy Gotcha Day Tennyson

A year ago today, Tennyson finally got up the nerve to come to us. He had been around the cottage for months, eating what he could catch or scraps thrown out by myself or neighbors. He was almost starved and he was sick with an URI and pneumonia.

DSCN0269 (2)

Tennyson, the day he showed up, enjoying a bite of canned cat food.

Dr. Kevin sent him antibiotics which added to a warm room of his own, good food and lots of love, enabled him to survive.


Tennyson hanging out with Thomas

In the year since he arrived, Tennyson has been a joy. His quiet dignity is such a contrast to the adventurous nature of the young cats and the irritability of the more senior members of the household. He is gentle and laid back and always ready for a hug and snuggle.

We don’t know if he was lost or abandoned, but are very glad to have him with us now.   He is definitely a blessing.


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