Hostage Taking: Kitty Style

Cannon 648

Sugar is helping with our campaign to get Mommy back up to speed at posting to our blog. Here she has commandeered the netbook. It actually is more our size. Sugar resorted to holding it hostage. She even wrote a note to Mommy detailing our demands:

Wez wants youz to helps us writz our blog! Wez also wants more tuna kat foodz for breakfast. You are not feedzing us enough tuna cat foodz.

Feedz us mores tuna kat foodz and writz our blog more often or wez will hide your netbookz and you will not findz it.

sugarz and the kats

Well, I knew when Mommy found the note, cause she burst out laughing. Then she went to hunt the netbook. We had left Mikey in charge of the hiding place. (Under the blanket.)

Cannon 625

Mommy at first thought Mikey was just napping. Then she remembered the netbook had been on top the blanket when she last saw it. She found it. Mikey had fallen asleep, and didn’t even try to protect the netbook.

So much for that idea. Geez, Sugar, you shouldn’t have written that note. We could have hidden it better.

I told Sugar that the next time we would just get Mikey and Tigger to lay on top the netbook. Now that will be a challenge for Mommy!

Purrs ~ Amber


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