Catching Up


After begging Mommy to update our blog and finally getting to the “roll my eyes and look to the gods for help” stage…Mommy finally said OK, she would help me with the typing. Humans! They get so busy going in and out, leaving and coming back, doing chores and working that they forget we have things they need to help us with.

Mommy does good with opening cat food cans, putting down fresh water, and cleaning our litter boxes. No complaints there. She sure can ignore us when we are ready to write a blog post and she isn’t ready to take dictation though.

I was at the point of catching the laptop open and just writing the post myself. Thomas T. even volunteered to help. Precious was willing to help too, she already knows how to dial the phone. So she thinks computers wouldn’t be much different. I’m not so sure.

Mommy spent the better part of the last two weeks getting work done on her car. It needed parts and more parts before it was finally fixed. It really had her upset. We didn’t care until she told us no car = no trip to get our cat food. Then we got worried, too. Tigger looked at it as: no car = no vet trip. Its repaired now so we will get our cat food and Tigger can go see Dr. Kevin. You win some and lose some, Tigger. Ha!

There’s a lot more to get you caught up on. We’ll do that in a future post.

Purrs ~ Amber


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