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Happy Gotcha Day Tennyson

A year ago today, Tennyson finally got up the nerve to come to us. He had been around the cottage for months, eating what he could catch or scraps thrown out by myself or neighbors. He was almost starved and he was sick with an URI and pneumonia.

DSCN0269 (2)

Tennyson, the day he showed up, enjoying a bite of canned cat food.

Dr. Kevin sent him antibiotics which added to a warm room of his own, good food and lots of love, enabled him to survive.


Tennyson hanging out with Thomas

In the year since he arrived, Tennyson has been a joy. His quiet dignity is such a contrast to the adventurous nature of the young cats and the irritability of the more senior members of the household. He is gentle and laid back and always ready for a hug and snuggle.

We don’t know if he was lost or abandoned, but are very glad to have him with us now.   He is definitely a blessing.

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Mama Loves Mommy: Finally

It took four years. Four long, filled with scratches and bite marks on Mommy’s hands and arms, years. Then: without warning, Mama crept into Mommy’s lap and snuggled up.  She even started to purr.

We have  written about Mama Cat before. You can check out some of those posts here, here, and here.

Cannon 243

Mama still has issues that drive Mommy nuts. She’s still unpredictable. She has some litter box issues. She’s, well, she’s Mama Cat.

These days though, when she sees Mommy sitting at the kitchen table, she slips over and eases into Mommy’s lap. Then she carefully snuggles down and begins to purr. Finally, after four years, we learned that Mama can purr.

While we are making progress with Mama Cat, we know she will always bear the scars and fears of whatever happened to her before she came to Shady Hollow. We will deal with that.

The wonderful thing is that with time and love, she is coming around and is happier than she’s been in a very long time.

Purrs ~ Amber

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Hostage Taking: Kitty Style

Cannon 648

Sugar is helping with our campaign to get Mommy back up to speed at posting to our blog. Here she has commandeered the netbook. It actually is more our size. Sugar resorted to holding it hostage. She even wrote a note to Mommy detailing our demands:

Wez wants youz to helps us writz our blog! Wez also wants more tuna kat foodz for breakfast. You are not feedzing us enough tuna cat foodz.

Feedz us mores tuna kat foodz and writz our blog more often or wez will hide your netbookz and you will not findz it.

sugarz and the kats

Well, I knew when Mommy found the note, cause she burst out laughing. Then she went to hunt the netbook. We had left Mikey in charge of the hiding place. (Under the blanket.)

Cannon 625

Mommy at first thought Mikey was just napping. Then she remembered the netbook had been on top the blanket when she last saw it. She found it. Mikey had fallen asleep, and didn’t even try to protect the netbook.

So much for that idea. Geez, Sugar, you shouldn’t have written that note. We could have hidden it better.

I told Sugar that the next time we would just get Mikey and Tigger to lay on top the netbook. Now that will be a challenge for Mommy!

Purrs ~ Amber

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