Kitty Rules for the Staff

I’ve heard of cat owner’s referred to as “staff” by cats on other blogs. I’m starting to understand that they do indeed feel that way about us.

When Thomas T. starts his raspy, irritating meowing (God bless him, he has the most annoying meow of any cat I’ve ever seen, uh, heard) I jump to find what’s wrong and fix it so he will hush.

Usually the dry food has been eaten down level with the top of the bowl. This is not satisfactory at all! The Thomas T. rule of dry cat food states: “Dry cat food will be heaped into a cone extending at least 1 inch, but optimally, 2 inches above the rim of the bowl at all times.”

The Lisa cat food rule is simple and does not require measuring heaped dry food. It states: “I am old and sick and will only eat tiny bits of wet cat food, preferably the highest priced the store has and it must we warmed to just the right temperature.”

No problem Lisa, I’ll get right on it.

Sugar and Tennyson have one main focus – canned cat food. Their rule is : “I want it ALL!” Feeding time means I have to also act as referee so the other cats don’t get pushed out of the way by the resident pigs disguised as cats.

Then there is the Maggie Mae litter box rule” “My personal litter box will be cleaned immediately after I use it, or next time I will pee right in front of you on the floor so you know the error of your ways”

Which ties right in with the Mama Cat litter box rule: “I am so afraid of the other cats that I have to stay on the counter and cabinets all the time. You will take me to the litter box and stand guard against attacks because I am afraid.”

OK Mama,  just let me know when you need to go. (She does.)

The Sugar rules for staff include the “You will stop what you are doing and give me your undivided attention whenever I demand it” rule. It applies even when writing this blog. The other cats also have this rule, but Sugar is the most pushy about it.

With eleven cats, the rules are endless and each cat lets us know when we disappoint them in our lack of “getting it” where their rules are concerned.

So, yes, we are “staff” to the kitties. But we love it.

Blessings ~ The Kitties Mommy


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