Happy Gotcha Day, Precious


Last Sunday, January 9th was my “Gotcha Day”. It marked four years since the snowy evening I decided I did trust the lady who had been bringing me food and fresh water for months. She asked me if I was ready to go home and, after a moment or two, I decided I was. I head butted her hand as she reached to pick me up. It was cold and she wrapped me inside her sweater and took me to her car and put me into a waiting cat carrier.


Once she had taken the rest of the night off work, she drove me to Shady Hollow. I made myself at home right away. I introduced myself to my new Daddy and the resident cats. It sure was nice to be in a warm house. I had been sleeping under a dumpster for over two months while Mommy tried to get me to trust her and come home.


I had been helped by a big black and white feral tom cat who slept with me and kept me warm. When I came into my first heat, he was there. So, when Mommy brought me home, I was pregnant with “Daddy Cat’s” kittens. I was an extremely good mother to my kittens. All five grew up to be bigger than me. They are still here. One, Amber, writes the blog most of the time, and comments on our Facebook page. Another, Amy, died in October from a heart condition. My son, Tigger, has health issues.  Mikey, and Maggie Mae are my other children.


After the kittens were weaned, Mommy got me spayed. No more kittens for me! Well, as long as Mommy doesn’t find anymore. I sort of took charge of Sugar and Spicy when Mommy found them. As the only cat here who had ever had kittens, I knew what they needed.

I’m almost five years old now. Sometimes I dream about being thrown away and the dumpster, but not so often anymore. I know I have a forever home. That makes me very happy.

Purrs ~ Precious


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