We Got Nip and Toys!


Amber here. . .  Santa was good to us. . . we got Catnip! Oh, there were toys too, but the Nip is what we wanted most of all.  I like to roll in it.


Mommy gave us our toys and scattered some Nip around for us. We thought the toys were okay, but the Nip got our attention. We love Nip!


Lisa enjoyed her Nip too. She is holding her own with the intestinal lymphoma so far, and it made us all happy that she felt like joining in the festivities.  Thomas T. was eyeballing her Nip. He didn’t get any of Lisa’s though, he had his own.

We got some really neat toys. There is a track with a ball in it to play with, balls and other swat and chase toys, a really neat thingy on a wire that Mommy or Daddy hold and let us chase it while it springs around. . . I forget what Mommy called it, sorry. We also got a really neat laser light that runs on a battery and doesn’t have to have Mommy and Daddy hold it. That way we can play when they are busy. It’s the coolest toy we got.


We had a very Merry Christmas and hope you did too. Mommy didn’t have to go to her job for 4 days! We also got snowed in, so she and Daddy were here with us all 4 days. We really liked that.

Purrs ~ Amber


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  1. WOW!! look at all you guys! I’m glad you had a great xmas, wishing you all the best in the new year.

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