Mommy’s Under the Weather


Our Mommy has not been feeling good this week. She had to go to the VET; TWICE!!! It worried us because our Mommy never goes to see her vet. (She is quick to take us to see our vet though.)  She didn’t go to her job either. I hope it is OK, cause Mommy usually goes and spends time with it almost every day. I bet the job missed her. We miss her when she goes and spends time with it.

On the last vet trip she came back with two bottles of pills to take. We wondered if Daddy would have to make her take them like she does us. We were surprised to learn that she will take them herself, without Daddy having to make her open her mouth and then holding it closed till she swallows.

Daddy doesn’t even give her a treat after she takes her pills! Unheard of! I’m ashamed of Daddy. He knows better. Mommy should get a treat for being so good about it. We always do, whether we take our pills willingly or not.

All we know is  that Mommy was feeling really bad. She even took the couch away from us and laid on it most of the time. We snuggled up around her to let her know we were worried. I think it helped, cause she would relax and go to sleep.

Mommy says she is starting to feel a little better. We are glad about that. We could tell Mommy was sick and worried about her getting too sick to take care of us and Daddy. I think Mommy worried about that too.

Cross your paws that Mommy will get all better real soon. Ours are.

Purrs ~ Amber



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2 responses to “Mommy’s Under the Weather

  1. Aw, Amber we are so sorry the Mom is sick. We sure hope she feels better real soon. Your kitties just love on her and that will help a lot. We will be purring for the Mom.
    Kassey and her Mom

  2. Hello my new friends! It’s so nice to meet you! I’m sorry to hear that your mummy isn’t doing well, I really hope she feels lots better and I’m purring for her really loud!

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