Getting Ready For Christmas


Mommy and Daddy are getting ready for Christmas. Mommy put up our Christmas tree the other day. It only has lights though, no dangly things for us to bat around yet. Mommy says she has to get some we won’t break.  When Mommy gets all the dangly things on the tree she will take a picture for me to post.

We are all wondering what Santa will bring us. We have been very good kitties this year (well some of the time). We want some toys to chase and some catnip. We especially want the catnip! Maybe Santa will read our blog and know how much we want catnip.

I heard Mommy tell Daddy that she wants to have the camera out when we get our presents. That means we are getting something for sure and has us excited. Well, I am, at least. Lisa could care less and Sugar and Spice have never had Christmas before.

We all hope you are having great fun getting ready for Christmas. We hope you all get plenty of toys and catnip, too.

Purrs ~ Amber



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2 responses to “Getting Ready For Christmas

  1. Very cute. I have a pet cat. Her name is Ginger. She is going to be a mummy soon. In my part of the world, cats are preferred over dogs, but dogs have their place too!

    Merry Christmas

  2. Hi, Amber, we are anxious to see your Christmas tree. We just have 2 tiny trees and I haven’t knocked anything off them, just no fun at all.

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