Two-Cats Tuesday: Ten and Tom


Left: Tennyson. Right: Thomas T.

Tennyson (Ten) and Thomas T. are both approximately 11 years old. Both were throw-away cats, dropped out and left in the neighborhood about 10 years apart. Thomas was in fairly good health when he took up residence at Shady Hollow. Tennyson was almost dead from pneumonia, a URI, and starvation. You can see his sad condition here. We first called him Ten, as he had used up his nine lives, and was working on his tenth.

One day I told him Ten could be short for Tennyson. His ears pricked forward in recognition. I wondered it that had actually been his name! He answers to both names now. This is his 10th month at Shady Hollow.


Tennyson and Thomas in the last bit of a sun puddle

Both boys are loving and are great lap-cats. Thomas is a bit more head-strong. He is pushy and wants all the attention, all of the time. Tennyson just goes with the flow; he has a laid back personality and perfect manners.

Having almost starved, Tennyson keeps a close eye on the kitchen. He sits quietly and waits. Being a well trained Mommy, I usually sneak him a bite of kitty suitable food.

Bright Blessings ~ The Kitties Mommy


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