Christmas Shopping


Mommy and Daddy did some online Christmas shopping for the kitties and me this evening. I sat in Daddy’s lap while they were picking out what to get. I don’t know what they got though, cause Mommy kept the computer turned so I couldn’t see. She was afraid I’d tell the kitties.


Now, do I look like a doggie that can’t keep a secret?

Well, maybe I would give them hints. . . but I wouldn’t tell.

Then they told me that my favorite UPS man would be here to see me in a few days. Now that’s exciting! He calls me his “little buddy” and brings me doggie treats! He always blows the horn on his truck when he stops, so I’ll know he’s here. He is so cool!

The thing that’s on my mind right now is. . . what did Mommy and Daddy get for me? Maybe if I snuggle up to Daddy and be really really sweet he might give me a hint. Well, its worth a try.


Woofs and Wags ~ Jay Jay Dog


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