Sugar’s Boo-Boo


I have a boo-boo.

Mommy found it last night. We think I did it play-fighting with Spicy.

Its on my tummy, where I got my spay surgery. Mommy says the skin is torn open. I guess it was still weak from being cut in the surgery. Mommy says it is a round spot, about the size of a dime.

She called Dr. Kevin this morning and they talked about it. Then Mommy went to the store and got some antibiotic cream to put on it. She didn’t want it to get infected.

I didn’t want cream put on my tummy and ran away, but Mommy caught me. She held me and Daddy put the cream on my boo-boo. I did NOT like that!

I decided to lick it off, but it tasted awful. So, I snuggled up with Maggie Mae to try and forget about the cream.


I hope Mommy forgets about it and doesn’t put anymore cream on my tummy.

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Tigger say to forget that; Mommy is real good about remembering to give us medicine. Yuck! I guess it will be OK if I don’t lick it.

Purrs ~ Sugar

Mommy Note: Dr. Kevin wasn’t too worried, as it has been almost a month since Sugar was spayed. The over-the counter cream is to prevent infection. The underlying tissue is not hurt.


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  1. Hi, Sugar, I’m sorry you have a boo boo. I hope it’s healed by now.

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